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  1. Sure - https://mega.nz/#!7gpUmRDS!iqC2e8T9udXifrEmTcuuezgw3xpBqiUAsDKMY5iXZMs
  2. Hi. I've set up correctional PSDs on my character and they are working perfectly in the viewport. But when I try and render, the PSD Morphs do not update their values as the joints move. Whatever the % values my PSD morphs have in the viewport as I start the render, they retain those values on each frame of the render. The tag is set to "Animate" mode and not "Edit" mode. Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  3. Seems like a good idea. Thanks, I will try it.
  4. Hi, new to this forum. How do you rig or set up dynamics for small character garments? (coat flaps, lower parts of robes, hanging hoodies, sleeves, etc.) Is there a way to add a bit of sway in certain places without using Cloth and Belt for the whole thing? Is it doable with Soft Body? How do I attach it to the rig? I know how to rig a basic character, but I'm having trouble finding a good way of doing this. Any help or an example would be appreciated, thanks.



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