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  1. Ah thanks :) But how can I manually add more interpolation points on some sides of some letters? Because maybe I want more hair on the side of the letter "d" and not on everything. Thanks for the help man :)!!!
  2. @DasFrodo Thanks this helped a bit! But why don't have have enough hair on the side on the object?
  3. @Wouter Do you know why my hair doesn't look like fur and is missing detail? When I compare it with the example I'm looking at, what am I doing wrong? https://www.behance.net/gallery/69363383/Furry
  4. It looks like I don't have any detail in the hair, I feel like it's not sharp or something. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Ah yea that works thanks!!! Now I need to manage the hair. It's hard to get them thin with a lot of details in it. Dankje voor je hulp man! Echt super chill!
  6. Thanks man!!! This really helps!!! Now it looks a bit more like fur :P now I need to get the hair right :) By the way I still need to apply hair twice, on the sides and on the top/bottom. Is that ok or is there a better way?
  7. Hi MJohnny, Thanks for helping but it's not working, I can't click on Connect object. I've posted the C4D file in thi s post. Adidas logo.c4d
  8. Hello, I'm trying to make the Adidas logo in Cinema 4d. Then I want to apply hair on it so it looks furry. A good example I found how furry I want it to be is https://www.behance.net/gallery/69363383/Furry But I don't know how to prepare the Adidas logo to apply the fur on. As you can see in my images the hair only apply on the sides and top, but not on the front. On the top of the letters it applies a lot of hair, but on the 3 stripes it only applies a little hair. I've watched a lot of tutorials about hair and how it works. But the all apply it on a sphere. But it always looks good on a sphere, but it's much different on a complete different object. Can anybody push me in the right direction and help me? Thanks for you time and help :) With kind regards, Robbie
  9. @Greatszalam I still got the reflection :S
  10. Thanks for helping Zalam! I'm trying to learn cinema 4d. So I thought lets create this poster: So I'm trying to create a color background like the poster, oke mine is green but that doesn't matter. I know you're trying to help hahaha :)
  11. Hello, I have a problem with my material. I don't want the green color reflected in the helmet. Can anybody help me to figure this out? Thanks for helpen! :)
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