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  1. Hi guys, hopefully you're having a nice weekend. I'm just trying to solve this situation, when I need to pull the edge( in the circle) away from that extrusion. I don't know, if it's even possible or is it better to do it again? As always thanks for any help.... Jan
  2. Knife is Loop/Path Cut in R18 ?

    The yellow line is a selected edge line and the green one is probably a boundary edge (it's really weird), which shouldn't be there, so you need to fix it (I suppose you don't have connected polygons.....
  3. Knife is Loop/Path Cut in R18 ?

    Yes, it's the same....you mean the yellow or green color?
  4. Excavator arm

    Yeah, I'd just like to know, if here is a better way to do it ( start with a cube?). Anyway, I think I'm overthinking that, probably need some point tweeking and that's all...Thanks
  5. Excavator arm

    Hi All, Greetings from the Czech republic :). I´m trying to model an excavator arm and I would like to ask local Pro's , if they are willing to help me find a better way to model this.I have made a polygon and somehow tried to recreate the shape and extrude it, but there is some sort of inner extrusion to simulate that narrowing inside ( at least I think it should be done this way) and I have encountreded problems, when trying to do it.... Is there a better way, how to do this? Thanks in advance for any help Cheers Jan
  6. Ring with extrusions

    No, it's fine.... I've already done it... thanks for your help :)
  7. Ring with extrusions

    Sorry for bothering again, I've run into a problem with the point selection. I've made a new ring, subdivided it and had nice squares, selected all points, Set selection, then bevel, select all points, optimize ad after that I tried to restore selection and nothing happened... I'm in the point mode all the time so don't know why it's happening....
  8. Ring with extrusions

    Thanks Cerbera, I will give it a try and post a result :} Cheers .....
  9. Ring with extrusions

    Hi All, hopefully everyone has a good one :). I´d like to ask, how to achieve a ring with pyramid extrusions or whatever it is like in the picture(in the red circle)... i have tried to do it with cylinder, make a few cuts and extrude it somehow, unfortunatelly haven't able to do it.... or is it better to do it by texture? I really appreciate your help Thanks again and have a nice day Jan