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  1. Hi. You can also select your motion clip and increase the value of Loops
  2. Hi! Is it possible to import a Mixamo animation and copy it into the PIM rig (People in motion plugin) and then that animation to copy it into a DAZ figure using the PIM rig? I want to mix Mixamo animations with Daz animations and I thought maybe PIM will work as a bridge. Is it possible? Thanks!
  3. -Particles system -Improve the retargeting system for different rigs (mocap, mixamo, ...)
  4. Yes! You are right, but I hope this time it will be soon
  5. Today 3dtoall has published on his instagram account this: Soon DazToC4D It seems that we will have it soon!
  6. I hope that MAXON starts working more on VFX or I will have to change to Houdini.
  7. Hi. I have already solved the problem. In my case it was that I had not updated the drivers of my GPU
  8. Hi Burgess! I have the same issue with my GPU GTX 1070 ti. ¿How did you solve the problem? I can not find another version to download on the Jawset page. Thanks!
  9. Hello! I am trying to add a head recorded on video inside a 3d helmet. I am using Octane Render but I do not know how to do the process. I have divided the helmet into 2 parts in the middle. I need to render the front to put it on top of the video (chroma) and then add the back of the helmet as the background. The problem is that I can not render the front of the helmet and keep the shadows and reflections that should be added on top of the video. How should something like this be done? Thank you!!!
  10. Thank you very much Dan! It was that. Now it works! In addition, I had to select all the child bones for the keys to work. I will see your tutorials! A greeting!
  11. I think I have the problem because I have not put any key in the T pose. How should I add the keys?
  12. Thanks!!! I'm going to watch your video. Sorry, I had put the video in private since I changed it.
  13. Hello Dan! Thank you very much for the reply! I think I do all that you told me. I have recorded a very short video in which I show the problem. https://youtu.be/83jJX3bNxm0 Thanks!
  14. Hi. I'm trying to make an animation that starts in the T Position. For this I have loaded my character in the T Position and I made a motion clip. Then I loaded my character by walking and I made another motion clip. The problem is that if I add the motion clip of the character walking completely cancels the motion clip of T Position. It's as if the T Position motion clip did not exist. The part where I leave the motion clip of the T Position becomes the first frame of the Motion Clip of the character walking. Does anyone know what happens? Thanks!
  15. I have been talking with the creator of DaztoMaya and he has told me that DaztoC4D is almost finished. It is a great new.



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