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  1. Hello! I am trying to add a head recorded on video inside a 3d helmet. I am using Octane Render but I do not know how to do the process. I have divided the helmet into 2 parts in the middle. I need to render the front to put it on top of the video (chroma) and then add the back of the helmet as the background. The problem is that I can not render the front of the helmet and keep the shadows and reflections that should be added on top of the video. How should something like this be done? Thank you!!!
  2. Thank you very much Dan! It was that. Now it works! In addition, I had to select all the child bones for the keys to work. I will see your tutorials! A greeting!
  3. I think I have the problem because I have not put any key in the T pose. How should I add the keys?
  4. Thanks!!! I'm going to watch your video. Sorry, I had put the video in private since I changed it.
  5. Hello Dan! Thank you very much for the reply! I think I do all that you told me. I have recorded a very short video in which I show the problem. https://youtu.be/83jJX3bNxm0 Thanks!
  6. Hi. I'm trying to make an animation that starts in the T Position. For this I have loaded my character in the T Position and I made a motion clip. Then I loaded my character by walking and I made another motion clip. The problem is that if I add the motion clip of the character walking completely cancels the motion clip of T Position. It's as if the T Position motion clip did not exist. The part where I leave the motion clip of the T Position becomes the first frame of the Motion Clip of the character walking. Does anyone know what happens? Thanks!
  7. I have been talking with the creator of DaztoMaya and he has told me that DaztoC4D is almost finished. It is a great new.
  8. Hi. I have some bones linked to a mesh. I have imported other bones that have a different position. I want to saving different positions of the bones to be able to use them later. I used the "pose morph" tag but I can not copy a pose from one tag to the other. How can I do this? Is there another better way? Thanks!!!
  9. Thanks for your reply. I will try to investigate about it.
  10. Hi! I have some problems with the clothes of Genesis 3 in C4D. Appears some holes in the clothes when i move the figure. I also have problems when I wear gloves and add a morph in my hand. The morph affects the glove. Is there any way to export the clothes attached to the body in such a way that only an element appears in 4d cinema? Thanks!!!
  11. Hi!!! I am very interested in this thread. I will follow it closely.
  12. Hi Dan!!! With the first technique is it possible to move the eyes then individually? When I open the "weight manager" and press "Apply to all" the eyes are fixed but then I can not move them to make them look to the sides. Than you!!!
  13. Thank you very much Dan!!! I try it but I have not done it well. Can you tell me more details?



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