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  1. Hi guys, Is there a plugin that draws these lines with arrows and the correct meassurements? I don't want to use sketchUp or Autocad, thx.
  2. Apply rig to existing weightmap

    I did watch the video but I got stuck on much more basic problems. I confused weight tool and manager, I'm quite new to this. Anyway I hope this will help someone.
  3. Apply rig to existing weightmap

    Ok I got it working. To transfer a weightmap from one model to another you need: - identical vertex count - identical vertex order - identical joint count - identical joint hierachy (but not order) - identical joint names! And one rig can't control multiple models! You need one rig per model. Open the weight manager, select weightmap, select all items, export to file. Select new rig, select all chid items, select model, go Character -> Commands -> Bind Open new weightmap in manager, go to weightings, don't delete old weightings, import the file containing the weights. voila identical joint hierachy but not order means that it still works if you change the order of elements on the same hierachy. For example hips(leftLeg, rightLeg, spine) works the same as (hips(sping, rightLeg, leftLeg) have a nice day
  4. Apply rig to existing weightmap

    All models have different mesh counts and their own working weightmap, but I just want to exchange the rig. In my brain it works. like this: The weightmap works like vertex color - so is connected to vertex count and order. Within the weightmap each joints weighting tells its geometry how much it gets transformed by the movement its designated joint. Now I want to change this connection. The same painted weightmap should be controlled by joint_head_new instead of joint_head_old.
  5. Apply rig to existing weightmap

    thx for the link - the plugin they use is included in this CV-Toolbox. but subscription costs 300usd... are there any other scripts or ways to do this? I can import all my models into one file. with their weightmap and bones. I just want to know hot wo bind weightmap and new rig together..
  6. Hi, we are building an application with an avatar and custom clothing. All models come from photogrammetry and are already rigged. Thing is - the rigging offsets between the different models are too large to look good when beeing combined and animated. Now I want to consolidate all those models in one file and bind them to a standardized rig. one rig to rule them all. Before I start I wanted to ask if there is any chance I could still use the old weightings? This would save a lot of time. I took the best working rig, and loaded a second rigged model into that file. Then I positioned the 2nd within the 1st model, until the clothes matched perfectly. I converted the 2nd into a mesh, copied all joint definitions from weightmap 1 to weightmap 2. Copied the skin tag from 1 to 2 and set it up to deform mesh 2, but it is not moving. Any tipps on how to do thisß thx
  7. Find number of selected vertex

    wow big time saver thank you guys!
  8. Hi, I know that I can display the list with all my vertices in it, and the selected one will be highlighted. But then I have to scroll through all of them which is quite time extensive. Is there a simpler way get the number of my selected vertex?
  9. Create Faces between existing Vertices

    nice works like a charm
  10. Hi, I accidently deleted some faces and did a lot of work on the model after that happened. I can't use the close polygon hole tool, since it creates new geometry, and I don't want to mess with my vertice count. The Vertices of those faces still exist. Which tool allows me to create new faces between them? Thanks
  11. Slightly deform a skinned mesh

    Thanks that worked! Found out that it also works if I copy the skin tag to the new deformed mesh, then go into its settings, and choose the new mesh. cheers
  12. Hi, I have pants and want to narrow the top side with a deformer. Is this possible on an already skinned object? I don't want to change the vertex count, just make them tighter. I added a modifier, converted into a new object - but now the skin is gone. Copying and assigning the old skin tag to the new does not help either. Is this even possible? Thanks
  13. aah.. muchos danko!! so the correct way to do this is: 1) Setup Cuts and points in Start Mode 2) Save them with Select / Store Selection 3) Select all UV meshes in UV Mode 4) UV Commands -> Store UVs 5) Projection -> Frontal 6) Unwrap (use point & cut selection + auto rearrange) 7) Now move the unwrapped UV meshes OVER the texture 8) Remap (bitmap + cut) I hope somebody in need finds this helpfull. thx @ Cerbera + kbar for the helping hand.
  14. I thought I have to fix the degenerated polygons on the UV map. Turn out it just needs to be done on the model. Ok so I can unwrap now and my cuts do work. But the texture does not move with its uv seletctions. I did: UV polygon select all Click store UVS Projection -> frontal Unwrap, use cuts and points remap bitmap, texture + cut And is seems rather strange that my uvs are not on the texture but above it:
  15. one of the triangles was squished to a line. I deformed them and they look fine to me. ah ok you mean two points are so close together that I will always select them both. could you elaborate on your technique or post a link to a good tutorial?