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  1. Hello there, I am working on a project, which involves using a stock character (dragon) and its supplied FBX animations. I have been stuck for a while trying to figure out how to convert the FBX animations into useable motionclips - so that I can get the character to do what I need (should be very basic mixing of animation cycles - eg flapping wings to gliding to banking etc). After trawling the internet I can't find much help out there on the subject. I have managed to switch out the animations with the retarget tag, but to get from this to a motionclip seems a bit tricky - or is it even possible via the retarget tag? I am still looking and trying different things, but just thought I'd ask here on the chance someone may have had the same or a similar problem? - It might be a really obvious thing to someone!? Any help/pointers at all would be much appreciated! Thank you
  2. Just an update on this incase somebody else has the same problem - after a painstaking process of elimination the only way to solve the problem was to re-install cinema and get rid of any updates. Essentially reverting back to R19.024 - I would guess there is some sort of bug with the pose morph tag with the the latest build? Thanks to everybody that tried to help. Paul
  3. Good spot - you had me thinking there for a second, but they are actually the unlocked padlock icons! I have just tried installing a demo version onto another machine in the studio and the scene file seems fine - so has me thinking it maybe a software bug/glitch thing? I will probably try and do a re-install and not do any updates to see if that works! Thanks, Paul
  4. Totally understand, thanks for your help - sorry I'm not allowed to share the file (I have asked!). There doesn't seem to be much info or content out there on the subject - I'm pretty much on the verge of rebuilding the rig from scratch and hoping it doesn't happen again to be honest, I have already been at a standstill on this for a couple of days.
  5. Hi, Thanks for looking - my problem is when creating new poses in the edit mode it snaps back either to the base pose or the previous pose. - I basically can't create any new poses. Also it crashes C4D sometimes when trying to create a new pose. Working fine previously, and now stuck desperately trying to figure this out! Paul
  6. The fingers are animated independently via the user data controls available within the character object. The character is animated by setting a new pose within the pose tag and adjusting the controllers as required for that pose, in this case IK arms and also some rotation on the hips and head. On the timeline I'm essentially mixing between poses to animate the character and dealing with the fingers separately as above. The puzzling thing is it has been working fine this way for a while then all of a sudden things went weird - really frustrating! What's even weirder that it is also now happening in older scene files - making me paranoid that it's me that is doing something wrong and have forgotten something - but I have double checked everything! C4d also crashes occasionally and a check bug report message pops up - I can't see anything obvious there either. I can appreciate it's difficult without seeing any files, thanks for the input anyhow! Paul
  7. Hi Dan, Many thanks for the quick reply, unfortunately I'm not allowed to post the scene as its a commercial job. Sorry it's my first time doing character animation of this sort (usually just motiongraphics), but think I have double checked all of the things I can. It is rigged with the character object (standard biped) As I say I noticed the L Arm fingers all went red when selecting - not sure why that was and maybe an indicator of the issue? I have attached a couple of screengrabs of the attributes - I'm not sure if anything will stand out as obvious but any help is appreciated! Thanks again Paul note: up to this point this method has been fine its like something has broken, or there is some issue with a c4d cache of some sort (at least it seems this way to me)
  8. Hi folks, I have been using the pose morph tag to animate a character, with no problems up until now. Suddenly I cannot add any new poses without it resetting to the default or previous pose. I have tried resetting the bind pose on both the weight tag and the character object controller with no luck. Also I notice that when selecting the fingers on the left hand - the hand icon changes from blue to red - could this mean there is something broken in the rig? Holding shift when creating a new pose works - but only for adjusting one part of the model at a time. - Really frustrating! Clutching at straws here, but wondering if anyone else may have had a similar problem? I have tried opening old projects and the problem seems to be now there too - wondering if there is some sort of caching problem? Also I have tried googling, and this is pretty much last resort! Many thanks



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