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  1. About the effect of a plexus

    Thank you very much for you help.There is a project here. Could you please take a look at it for me? Optimize or point out.(C4D r18) Your help is too big,Thanks~ plexus.c4d
  2. I need to make the same effect as in the picture, It's about the effect of plexus, Is it convenient to make with AE or C4D? Hope to have done a similar effect of friends pointing, It's best to send a tutorial, Or a simple test project. Thank you for your help~
  3. Hello everyone,I've got a question. Like the laser effect in these 4 pictures. How are the bright edges of laser contact with room walls and sofas? Lasers should be made in C4D,But I don't know how to achieve the feeling of interaction. Who can help me? Or have a production tutorial. Thanks~