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  1. Hi DasFrodo, It's a network drive! To be honest we did have few problems before with file permission, but that has been sorted. It feels like something is cached somewhere and it's preventing the overwrite?! Not quite sure what could it be! Might have to talk with our IT, as think this may not be a DCC issue. Thanks for your help in advance! :)
  2. Hi all, I'm currently having an issue where I have an "Unable to Write File..." error when rendering and saving PNG sequences. Even though I'm using Octane, I'm sure it happens with other render engines. I did notice that this error starts happening when you import the sequences into an After Effects project. Even when all the cache is purged and project closed, it continues to create the error. The solution at the moment is to render to a different folder and it works fine. For our pipeline is not ideal. Wondering if there is anyone out there happening the same. Thank you in advance! :) Andre
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