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  1. I've acquired the shape I was going for, and learned a few tips & tricks on the way, and for that I'd like to thank you both. Thank you.
  2. For the stiffness, do I just increase the amount of hair and perhaps hair thickness? And for the length, I can't seem to accomplish this, also, how do I get the cut tool for hair? Sorry, can't really find it online. Thank you for your response.
  3. Hi! So I'm trying to create a make up brush, but I can't really get the shape of the brush (hair) to look the way I want it to. This is what it looks like pre-render: And this is after rendering: But I want the hair to look more like: I really can't find a way to accomplish this... does anyone know how/can help me in any way? Thank you. Really. :)
  4. Hi! So, I've come again with yet another issue... I started working with hairs today, and everything has gone smoothly and as it should... But now, for some reason, the only hairs that will render (using the physical renderer) are the hair guides/splines. And the amount of hairs I add in the "Hairs" > "Count" doesn't change anything. Although it works as it should using the standard renderer. Here is my .c4d file: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ks7i4r Physical renderer: Standard renderer:
  5. Hi! For some reason, my background/floor (infinite floor) just cut after the horizon? My C4D is like this: ( Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/5b6vnw ) And when I render it, it looks like this: But after saving, it looks like this: (The background above the horizon is gone) Why is this? Cheers! ----------------- UPDATE ----------------- If I remove the alpha channel, it works as it should, but how come I can't have the alpha channel on? I've used this exact C4D file + settings and it has worked before...? -----------------------------------------------
  6. So, I have an infinite floor, which works and looks perfectly in the render view and Interactive Render Region, but when I render it, it looks different... It looks like it should while rendering, but at the last second of rendering it goes from: to What could the reason for this be?