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  1. Hi! For some reason, my background/floor (infinite floor) just cut after the horizon? My C4D is like this: ( Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/5b6vnw ) And when I render it, it looks like this: But after saving, it looks like this: (The background above the horizon is gone) Why is this? Cheers! ----------------- UPDATE ----------------- If I remove the alpha channel, it works as it should, but how come I can't have the alpha channel on? I've used this exact C4D file + settings and it has worked before...? -----------------------------------------------
  2. So, I have an infinite floor, which works and looks perfectly in the render view and Interactive Render Region, but when I render it, it looks different... It looks like it should while rendering, but at the last second of rendering it goes from: to What could the reason for this be?