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  1. Thanks for the detailed answer, really appreciate it :)
  2. Hello, i have a question, i used 15 computers in my school for team render, i've set everything up and started rendering trough weekend. But today (19.02) as i came back to school i saw that the render is not finished and was cancelled with some class that had to be there at that time. So my question is, since there are unfinished sequences of frames, they need to be rendered, but i do not know how to do that because its rendered From Frame 1 - 27 then there is 28-45 gap then like 46-64 frames rendered again. This goes all the way to frame 1000. Question is, how can i continue this render without rendering it all again? Hope you understany my jaggy description, i can add more details if needed. Thanks!
  3. Hey thanks for answering. The project has around 8000 frames and my GPU takes about 20 minutes per frame to render in FullHD. Also buying a new GPU Is not optimal for me because my power supply would not be enough for that. As of trying the other renderers, i will try them in the future, but now all i v ot Is Octane.
  4. Hi there again, since i am about to finish my graduation project at my school, which is 5 minute animation made in C4D and Octane, i've realized i have no way to render that at home (got 1x GTX 960), so i am asking you if you know about some affordable render farm, that would be kind enough to offer me some discount. I've already tried to contact animarender, but even tough they are offering to provide 60% discout, i still would have to pay +-800$ which is too much for me. So if you know anything, i would be really greatful for your advices. Thanks :)
  5. You might wanna ask on the Octane forum. They might help you out there. Here are some of the topics with the same problem: https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=62093 https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=62117 Or your CPU might get overloaded with the scene, but this is just a guess. Hope it will help.
  6. Well there goes my skill again. Sorry, i was so confused, because i could not see that in the viewport, therefore i could not paint that with the tool. You saved me dude! Thanks!
  7. Already tried that, unfortunately does not work either :(
  8. That is the problem, because i have weighted all the polys with the weight tool that had visible only unchecked, so theres no way it can not be weighted properly. It only appears in renderer. I've also tried to delete the whole arm, but all the problem still presists. Thanks anyway!
  9. Hello there, i know that i am spamming a bit but i encountered a serious problem with my character. As you can see on the picture, i've weighted my character properly (i've double checked it), but in the renderer it, shows this weird mesh after its starts moving. Importrant note: The broken part of the arm was modelled after i rigged the character, so i was modelling an already rigged object. I was basically extruding the existing polys and weighed the new ones. Altough it looks fine in the viewport, the renderer shows the opposite. Any ideas how to fix that without reweighting that all again? Thanks! Link to the project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RTgAjSgMVDdsHyK7F0yrKDRdHiNCMyEk/view?usp=sharing
  10. Cool! Thanks for all the feedback, really appreciate it :)
  11. Ok i've figured out what's happening. Since the morph tag is in point mode ( because i got the eyelids and mouth positions in there too) the rotation does not work, because telling it the end position by rotating the eye makes the points go in linear way, which results in a weird scaling while morphing. I have to make the eyes part of the geometry, so i got another question: Is it possible to have two morph tags on one object? I've tried to add PSR morph on the eyes, but it does not seem to respond to whatever i try to do. Im sorry for these noob questions :( PS: the video you posted still does not work for me, YT tells me that the video is a copy of previously uploaded video ( not really sure what to think about it)
  12. Hi, thanks for reply The eyes are not supposted to fill the eyelids , since the shots are not closeups, so its not going to be visible. But if you knew the way to do it, it would be a nice bonus :) Also your video is not available :(
  13. Hey there, i've got this character thats in a mocap data and i am trying to make eyes animated. Since its all in one object, I've tried it with pose morph tag, but it only works with one slider (pic 1), when i try to combine the sliders for example "look down" and "look left" sliders, its results in a weird shape ( as seen on pic 2). My question is: Is there any way to make the eyes look the way i want? (Make them target some object etc.) Thanks for any help!
  14. This is just mad guess, but you might wanna check if you have that last joint visible in render. Otherwise i dont see any reason why would that not work.
  15. I usually thicken stuff just by extruding it with 0 offset and than scaling it. Yet it only works at non complex geometry. But might be handy in certain situations



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