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  1. Thanks Hrvoje! I really appreciate your time. The Smoothing deformer is exactly what I needed--thank you!
  2. Hi C4D Community! First time poster here with a question about fields. I am new to R20 and loving it! I was trying to wrap my mind around some of the new features and playing with the Decay modifier layer in the fields system. I had a simple set up with a plane object, displacer deformer, and spherical field. The deformer was loaded with a solid color to simply push the plane up 100 units. Using fields I also set up a decay modifier on top of the spherical field. I animated the field along a helix to get some motion. Everything looked good except when I started cranking up the speed on my field animation I got unexpected results--it is as if the field is only being interpreted each frame and so the decay was spotty instead of being seemingly continuos. When I run in to issues like this with other systems like dynamics or x-particles my go-to solution is to go look at sub-frame or sub-step settings. is there nothing like that for the fields system? or has anyone determined a workaround for this, or am I just missing a checkbox somewhere? Thanks in advance! and apologies if a question like this has been asked previously. I dug around a bit but didn't see any questions like this. The Delay modifier in fields seems to suffer from the same problem... I must be missing a switch somewhere.



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