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  1. Thank you so much Igor. I'm sorry got back at you late I just started rendering in the farm right now. I set it at auto as you suggested. Then after this either I'll stay at auto power or adjust the slider. Hope it all goes well. Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone. This is a renderfarm question but also related to redshift. I hope I am in the right section asking this. So I searched a bunch of render farms of most of the recommended options is Pixelplow. I tried it for test renders and was entirely happy with the process. Now I only have few questions which I can't find in their support page. I know the power slider determines how fast the renders are. So the more power the less time it takes for it to render. Is there a way to see how fast the renders are like the oveall time it took per frames to render? I want to adjust the power slider that works with my time and also with the budget. Last thing. I know you can submit multiple jobs at the same time. Is it fine to shut down your pc after submitting the job? Will it still output the files to my local drive once I open my pc again? Thank you so much!
  3. Works like a charm. Solve the issue. Thank you so much! Cheers!
  4. Hi guys! Not sure if I'm in the right board hopefully I am. I'm trying to achieve something like a push apart effect on a cloner object. The best way to show you what I mean is from this picture. Please see red circle. I'm modelling a notebook that has a built in bookmark (if thats what they call it). Initially the pages were built from cloners. What I'm trying to do is replicate that look. I tried using push apart effector with with fall off placed in between pages but it didnt seemed to work. Is there a way around it using cloners? cause later on I'll animate the flipping pages together with the bookmark. Is there a neat way to do it? I hope someone has an idea how to pull it off. Thank you!
  5. Loving Redshift! Here's a comparison of my current work between Arnold and Redshift renderer. I never thought I use another renderer aside from Arnold (with that big announcement of GPU renderer) but dude, this biased rendering machine I'm loving it! I'm running Intel Core i7 4710HQ Geforce GTX 870M My machine is quite old but it's still killing it!
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