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  1. I've been prepping for some upgrade as well. This thread here might snap some ideas on what to purchase. https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/102759-anyone-render-successfully-on-a-laptop/?tab=comments#comment-676018 Here is my personal preference of what to buy 1. Dell XPS 15 2. Razer Blade Pro 15 3. Aero 15 The Aero 15 has a lot of feedbacks that its good for content creators basically because of its power and a good screen display. The MSI Raider is a has almost the same specs above or even higher. The 120hz is good if you're a gamer. I work on Cinema 4d as well and having a 6 core cpu and 1060/1070 cards is high enough. Cheers!
  2. @esmall Thank you so much man! I'm trying out my current machine for cinebench score. This is the first time actually I and I should've tested it a little earlier. And I think I'll be spending more years for this machine, it has 600 cb and I personally think it can handle all the projects I'm working at the moment. Geez, I really caught by the higher the card the better and in fact it really is but I realized that it all comes to where you are now and what you do. Man thank you for all these insights. I have a clear understanding of cpu's now for the basic part and at layman's terms but it's all working out. I can increase my budget by the time I'm buying a new one. Thank you so much. Cheers!
  3. @esmall Now this all makes sense. I can roll my eyes over some other brands that are in the same power and much cheaper as well. Dude, you had me troubled there with those questions and really I'm thinking quite differently now. Though I used it as a hobby but in anytime I want to gain much experience and work professionally. My budget is tight as well but I really wanted to get a good machine and oh I forgot to mention that I wanted to invest for a good screen and the XPS 15 screen is something. If you don't mind may I know the specs of your machine? For future referrals :) Thank you so much for this it would really help me decide what and when to buy. Such a life-saver.
  4. I got this from another or kinda similar thread. This might help :) http://blog.MAXON.co.uk/cinema-4d-recommended-specs
  5. @esmall I'm a huge lover for mobility and stuff and I've been a laptop user for 6 years and I just couldn't get a thing about Desktops at this point (maybe in the future I will) and I'm really glad I bumped into this post and dude you really hit what I was really looking. You literally explained and give an example. I've been saving up and looking for a new laptops that can handle work much faster both workflow and render times. If you don't mind me asking a few things what do you think about the new Dell XPS 15 2018 in performance and the 1050Ti in GPU rendering. And I really need a simpler explanation on really whats the difference having core i5 and i7. Does it mean the higher the number the better? @bass thanks for this thread. I was going to make a new thread about laptop for c4d good thing I found this.
  6. Loving Redshift! Here's a comparison of my current work between Arnold and Redshift renderer. I never thought I use another renderer aside from Arnold (with that big announcement of GPU renderer) but dude, this biased rendering machine I'm loving it! I'm running Intel Core i7 4710HQ Geforce GTX 870M My machine is quite old but it's still killing it!
  7. Hi @bentraje Thanks for the response. I got it fixed but in anyway thanks for the hint. Definitely, I got a bad mesh but I fixed it in the Subdivide UVs using either Edge or Boundary. Both works really well in my case.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm pretty new here and just started learning about UV Mapping and Texturing. Everything is going well till I had problems in the texturing part. See here in the red and black areas, I got weird deformations on the edges.. By the way, I am using Arnold Renderer. I don't know if the problem is from the renderer or the way I created my texture. I did look for things to solve the problem but nothing works so far. Hoping somebody out there who knows about this. It'll be a great help. Thank you so much :)



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