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  1. Loving Redshift! Here's a comparison of my current work between Arnold and Redshift renderer. I never thought I use another renderer aside from Arnold (with that big announcement of GPU renderer) but dude, this biased rendering machine I'm loving it! I'm running Intel Core i7 4710HQ Geforce GTX 870M My machine is quite old but it's still killing it!
  2. Hi @bentraje Thanks for the response. I got it fixed but in anyway thanks for the hint. Definitely, I got a bad mesh but I fixed it in the Subdivide UVs using either Edge or Boundary. Both works really well in my case.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm pretty new here and just started learning about UV Mapping and Texturing. Everything is going well till I had problems in the texturing part. See here in the red and black areas, I got weird deformations on the edges.. By the way, I am using Arnold Renderer. I don't know if the problem is from the renderer or the way I created my texture. I did look for things to solve the problem but nothing works so far. Hoping somebody out there who knows about this. It'll be a great help. Thank you so much :)

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