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  1. Viewport problem

    Thanks man, is there a way to go around that ? have a nice day
  2. Viewport problem

    Hey it's me again, for some reason i cannot pan, zoom or move around viewport cause it gets kinda slow any ideas how to fix this? btw i already reinstall c4d but keeps the same, thanks in advance
  3. Cycles 4d?

    Thanks bro, that makes more sense now lol, but i think $240 usd for it is a little bit too much for something is already free in blender xD
  4. Cycles 4d?

    As you guys may already know cycles 4d is already out but my question is how come they're charging for it? doesn't it supposed to be under a GNU license? which means "free" software widely open for general public? or am i missing something? thanks
  5. Hey man welcome to the forums i'm kinda new here too, if there's anything i can help don't hesitate to pm me bro even tho i'm a newbie as well xD
  6. Splines

    Thank you so much @Cerbera This helped me, and i was using splines because the tutor at the video shows that way of doing it lol
  7. Snap Settings

    Thanks mate helped me a lot
  8. Firs thing done in cd4

    Thanks guys those words mean a lot to me, i'll get better and i will post my progress here, thanks
  9. Splines

    Well i don't know whats wrong with me but i cannot get anything done with splines Im trying to follow this Tutorial But i cannot do the splines, any tuts or any advice to learn how to use those? Thanks in advance Here's my result: Sorry for the bad quality video i do now have a premium account with vimeo :/
  10. Firs thing done in cd4

    Yes, but their begginers tutorials were fantastic and i learned a lot from that, and im checking into archive here, thanks bro
  11. Firs thing done in cd4

    Thank you guys, do u guys know of any tutorials to be a better modeler? actually any tutorial, i'd like to learns as much as possible, thanks
  12. Well i'm new in this 3d and c4d world so here's the first thing i created using c4d I watch the basics from tuts online and then i attempt to do this tut without watching it, i had to watch how he did the bushes cause i had no idea how to lol
  13. @Rectro Thanks for all of your info i'm going to check that out much appreciated, thanks mate
  14. I've disable adblocker

    Thanks for all of the answers i already get rid of it, thanks
  15. Wow man this looks so good as of now im learning the basics but some day i wish to be this good , can you recommend some good tuts to learn? btw how long did you take to finish this model? Thanks in advance