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  1. Easiest way to model this?

    Awesome bro thanks, that's what i needed hahaha i even uploaded the part i needed to vimeo xD
  2. My chess board

    I would live too but i don't have the knowledge in order to do so yet, but sure once i adquiere some knowledge about that i will do it no doubt, thanks man
  3. Easiest way to model this?

    Sorry bout that mate, i meant to say the first video which is this one But i cannot understand what key is he saying to press to get a flat bottom, Thanks man
  4. Here's my chess board lol i've done this one by my self without looking no tuts, but i'm still working on the knight hopefully i can finish it tonight xD
  5. Easiest way to model this?

    Thanks mate @Cerbera i'm trying to follow the part 1 of the knight modeling but at min 9:20 he is pressing a key which i cannot understand what is it would you mind giving me a hand here? thanks man
  6. Easiest way to model this?

    This one is too pro for me hahaha but thanks the other one is just perfect to keep learning the basics
  7. Easiest way to model this?

    @Cerbera You're awesome man thank you so much for taking the time to look those tuts on youtube and pointing me to the right direction.
  8. I'm making a chess board and so far the pawn rock and bishop been fairly easy but my biggest challenge now is the Knight i've been doing the pieces with the loft tool and also the boole to make the gap in the top of the rock and bishop. So my question is how to make the knight with out sculpting it cause i don't want to learn something knew without knowing all the basic stuff. Thanks in advance
  9. Oh man i was so sleepy hahaha sorry man thanks once again xD
  10. Yeh man i did knew about the chess game inside cinema but i want to make my own board xD just to practice u know what i mean, Thank for your help EDIT: just found a solution to my problem mate, do not know if you already knew this but here it is lol @ABMotion
  11. I'm gonna try to make a chess board scaled to its original size 35cm by 35cm and the pieces are 4cm each but the problem i have now is that every time i make a new object its too big "200cm" and i have to scale it down, so i like to know id theres a way to change the size of the whole project so instead of creating"200cm" objects it creates something smaller? thanks in advance
  12. Lets make a movie using C4D: Indie4D

    This is awesome this would be something i'd like to join even tho i don't think there's space for a noob like me lol, however great project i hope everything goes well for your project keep it up bro
  13. Remote Car

    Thanks mate i really appreciate your words and yes that's my "work"
  14. Viewport problem

    Thanks @Vizn and @ABMotion I appreciated