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  1. Hey Guys, I'm offering a small job, I don't think its too much work, I could probably achieve it myself, but id be sweating as C4D isn't my comfort zone, I have the original file I just need one change really, PM me for more details, I'm happy to pay £10 for whoever can do it for me, if this isn't feasible I am a pretty good graphic designer so maybe we can organize something there? a little I scratch your back you scratch mine, Cheers Guys!
  2. Hi i have been trying to create this but i m struggling as it all need to keep the right sizing an each extruding rectangle needs to be equal and the size running around the outside needs to be the right size... whats the best way for me to achieve this!? i'm a graphic designer with a high knowledge in PS and Illustrator but C4D is my downfall, its so alien! haha Cheers :) also if anyone feels up to the task i'm happy to pay around £20 if they think they can do it quick and easy :)