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  1. Hi Dan, well I am not a pro so I do know the basics but thats it. Never touched things like animation layers, motion clips etc. inside c4d. https://www.instagram.com/dav.beran/ I googled and searched youtube but did not find good tutorials or maybe the ones I found were a bit confusing for me. I just want an easy way to keyframe one controller over multiple layers so I do not need to make multiple controllers for one controller. Will try to dive into that topic a bit more.
  2. Hey Guys, I sometimes do character animations and I recently saw a tutorial on YT for maya that shows the use of animation layers. I often for example have to add a consant animation like breathing and till now I used to use multiple controllers each to be able to seperately add keyframes for a breathing animation. I know that there are things like motion layers, animation layers etc. but I never really figured out how to use them. Do you guys now how to use that properly or do you have any good tutorials for that case? My case here would be for example a character that walks around as a base layer. on top of that I want to add a breathing loop - how would you do that? thanks!
  3. Hello, right now I am trying to find out how to be able to mix dynamic joints + controls to make it more artdirectable. For example you want to make a simple rope, pinned to something on one end but besides having the advantages of the dynamics I also want to be able do control some movents etc. I know how to do each seperately but I am not sure how I can combine both worlds. How would you guys aproach this? cheers
  4. hmm would be great to see this. all joints are scale 1 so that should not cause the problems in my case....
  5. Hello, made a rig for a character, finished skinning, added controllers etc and it works as expected. Now I want to go back and add a shoulder joint (scapula joint) but the problem is, that the newly added joints move to a random position after reopening the scene. Actually it already starts happening when adding the new joints to the existing joint hirarchy, saving the file, close and reopen. I think that kind of issues I am facing quite a lot when adding stuff to an existing hirachy but sometimes I can prevent it from happening by using parent constrains instead af actually putting things inside an existing hirarchy so I might just do not know how to do that kind of things. can anybody help me how to deal with that kind of things? thank you in advance!
  6. I can't post the file, sorry. One pose morph for each controller would take ages and also seems to be not very easy to create facial expressions like that. ALso it is not problem in this case to take away freedom of positioning the face controllers because I only need a few different expressions and can also blend them to create variations. that would also be a solution bat actually the same as EXcluding all controllers that have nothing to do with the face, right? Thats actually what I am doing atm. but I already had issues with that workflow. Actually I do not need to move my face controllers after setting up the expressions, only need to move the others (hands etc) and that is possible by excluding them from the posemorph tag. Had a look at that plugin but I was not able to only store my face controllers without storing all the others (about the same problem I had with pose morph) All in all I was able to do it by excluding the non-face-controller from the morph tag but I already had issues like expected. When I came back after doing some animations with the rig to add a new face expression in the pose morph because I needed one additional one I was not able to do so because it interestingly did not let me move the controllers even the ones that are not EXcluded from the pose morph. After removing all the Nulls from the exclusion list I was able to add poses again but it destroyed all the previous poses - I really don't get it. Gladly I have a previous version with some stored poses before setting up the exclusion list. So now I just have to make sure I really set up all the face expressions I need before throw the other controllers in the exclusion list. Super strange
  7. Hello, currently I am facing issues with a rig that I am building for a character from scratch. Joints and controllers are done so I wanted to use a pose morph tag to make different face expression poses. The way I did it was to add a pose morph tag to my master controller (which has all the other controllers as child in the hirarchy) set up the following mixing options: Position, Rotation, Hirarchy. Next I added a pose, grabbed my eyelid controllers for example and made a pose that closes the eyelids. It works as expected but the problem is, that after I am done with my different expression poses and start animating that all the other controllers snap into their base pose positions as I move a pose slider. In that example the eyelid closes as expected but the hand for example also jumps back into its original pose. I actually thought that the morph only saves the objects I am touching while building the pose but every pose seems so save each controller in the hirarchy. The only solution I came up with was to exclude all the controllers that do not have anything to do with my face expressions (root, feet, hands etc.) and it actually works but I do not find this solution elegant and I am worried that this way to solve it will cause some different problems later. So actually it would be great how you would use a pose morph tag to move certain controllers or objects in a rigging scenario. Cheers
  8. hey! thanks for your reply but unfortunately I tried that already and its giving me strange deformations as well.
  9. thanks for your reply. I used Nitro bake plugin and it worked after 2 clicks - works like a charm.
  10. Hello, working on an animation af a character currently and the character needs to grow bigger during the animation and I am not sure how to do that. When I simply rescale the my master controller the character deforms in a wierd way... what is the workflow to properly do that? cheers zullup
  11. Hello, after .fbx export some joints seem to have strange positions and rotations. Inside c4d everything works perfect. I can't find the reasons for that tho. In one example one leg of the character is deformed in the .fbx. Do you guys know what causes this? cheers
  12. Hello, I am working on an animation and for some parts like mouth, lips etc. I used the pose morph tag to control the joints f.e. to close the eyelids. The problem I am facing now is that the exported .fbx only has the joints animated that are animated with ordinary controllers. The rest is just static (and some of them deformed). Is there a way to bake all my joints before exporting so the joints that I am controlling via posemorph/expresso are also animated? cheers David
  13. Hello guys, for my character rig, I created controllers for my hand and created a basic "open hand - fist" slider via user data and some range mappers. I use that character as an xref master file in different scenes and now I need full controll of the fingers in one scene but I can't really disable my "fist" slider. How would you guys make an animatable switch to give me full controll of the single fingers again in a scene? For now, i can just disable the object operator but its not animatable and returns to "enable" when I restart the scene. cheers
  14. Thx so much mate! Going to check this out later!
  15. Hi guys, for my current job I have to make a lot of characters of one style so it is kind of simple. I will use one rig and only change hairstyles, textures etc to create different characters. To make things even easier, I want to create a little setup to be able to choose between my different f.e. hair-styles without turning on and of visibility "by hand" Do you guys know where to start? Basically I want a dropdown menu that shows me all of my hair meshes so I can choose one. cheers
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