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  1. CSV File

    thanks for the help actually your tips have helped a lot, the point cloud is exported from a 3d medical mapping system, and I am positive they have there own proprietary way of handling data so its impossible to export in a clean way.
  2. CSV File

    Also I attached my latest attempt with meshlab.. its look good but the mesh looks very triangled not sure if this can be smoothed.. I also attached how it should look like. Mainly smoother.. meshi2.c4d
  3. CSV File

    not able to open the file in instant mesh I uploaded my .obj file and see if you have any ideas into how to open it... Untitled 3.c4d
  4. CSV File

    thanks for all the help will give the new program a try..
  5. CSV File

    I messed with meshlab (new to the program) and I got a triangle mesh into c4D any idea where to take this or how to add a mess to the point cloud once created inside C4D.. I tried to upload my c4d file but size is 2.4 mgb so it won't allow here is a picture of what I have.
  6. CSV File

    sorry forgot to change to point mode...
  7. CSV File

    thanks I tried the steps above but I don't see the point cloud for some reason.. I attached my file poibt_cloud.c4d
  8. CSV File

    Hi guys I have a CSV file that was exported from a medical mapping system.. I have been trying to import it into C4D but have not been able to, it might not be just wanted to upload it and see if any one here can make anything of it. Thanks ModelPointCloud.csv