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  1. Thanks for your help with this. It's a little disappointing that this cannot be achieved in c4d yet but great that you have pointed me toward a solution. Cheers for the input!
  2. I had a look into Modo and this is exactly what I need but would like to do something similar in cinema
  3. Thanks for the input. Yeah I have all of the joint orientation the same and checked the hierarchy instead of names option. I'm a little surprised that there is no way of doing this in cinema. I'm not set on necessarily using a mixamo rig and would happily rig a character from scratch but again I would like to apply mocap from somewhere other then mixamo and with different proportions. Maybe retargeting isn't the right solution. But I was hoping to find a way of doing this within cinema. I would have guessed that this is a pretty common problem for anyone using mocap from various sources
  4. Hi Dan, Thanks for your response. The problem with scaling up the rigged character is that I will never be able to perfectly match the mocap skeleton. There are slight differences in the length of their limbs or like you can see in the attached screengrab, the hips are in very different positions. I have changed the joint orientation already so that shouldn't be the issue. If I understand you correctly you are saying that both the character rig and the mocap skeleton should align perfectly in Tpose? I'm assuming there is a way around this to just have different sized skeletons. Fo instance, the actor Andy Serkis who plays Gollum has a different body shape to the 3d Gollum character yet his movements are translated to the 3d rig. I'm assuming the equivalent is also possible in cinema. It would be great if I can find a solution for this. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hey, I've been trying to have this answered for a while and hope I am posting in the right place here. I am trying to add mocap data (from Rokoko smartsuit) to a Mixamo rigged character. The problem is that the mocap skeleton is a different size then the Mixamo skeleton. When I retarget the character mesh distorts to match the exact position of the Rokoko data. I want it to keep it's original rigged and weighted skeleton structure and interpret the mocap skeleton to drive it. I don't want to make the skeletons the exact same size as I want the character to have different proportions to the mocap actor. The Mixamo skeleton has no animation and is in T pose and I have reordered the bone hierarchy and their orientation to match the Rokoko skeleton. An exaggerated example of this would be a 3d rigged character wth really long arms to which I am trying to add mocap data from an actor with really short arms. In my current workflow that would result in the long armed 3d characters arms distorting and folding to match the points of the short armed mocap data. What I would want instead is that the movements of the short armed actor are translated to the long arms as a sort of interpretation. I would be very grateful for any advice on this. Thanks!
  6. Hey I am trying to use mocap data from various sources on the same Mixamo rigged character. The problem I am having is that the scale and dimensions of the rigged character are different to the proportions of the mocap data. The mixamo skeleton has no animation on it and is set in T pose. I have set it's bone hierarchy to be the same as that of the imported mocap data and made sure that the origin of the bones is also the same. Then I retarget the imported Mocap onto the T pose skeleton but it does a direct translation of the mocap skeleton onto the Mixamo character. This is where the problem occurs - the Mixomo character distorts to match the positions / proportions and scale of the imported mocap. I guess this is what it's intended to do but is not what I currently need. I have mocap data from various sources so they are all scaled differently, presumably to the proportions of the actors body who was used in the capturing of it. For example, a motioincaptured character with short arms translated to a rigged 3d character with very long arms will result in the Long armed mesh distorting to have short arms. What I would like is to keep the long armed 3d model but to reinterpret the mocap movement of the short armed actor onto the the long armed 3d model. I am guessing this is a common enough problem but I have been struggling to find an answer anywhere. Any tips or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!