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  1. Latest render: I have: - Lowered the camera - Added more bump to the bricks. - Darkened 'mixed' the brick texture with some dark brown color. - Added more bump the grass texture - Added a bit light green to the grass texture - Did some post production to the rendered image, a bit glow, sharpness, filmgrain, made it a bit warmer.
  2. Thanks EAlexander, I guess for a bulding standing on a similar flat surface/landscape these would be good reference:
  3. Thank you all for your detailed feedback! Scale Yes I agree, the castle was too small compared to its surrounding and the trees. One of the reasons I kept the castle small was because I wanted the flowers to be visible, the bigger the castle became, the smaller the flowers became. I have now scaled up the castle. becasue 'realism' is what is more important. Due to the castle being too large for the original hill I had to pull out the hill too. Lighting I have now disabled the three point lighting and added the physical sky (have not worked with it before) , and also enabled global illumination. Texturing This I really need to look further into. I have not yet worked with brick shaders. Would a castle brick texture something like this do? : @ Midphase The renderer is the standard renderer, I have not yet tried the octane render. @ King of Snake Indeed I have considered using a plate of an actual (empty) hill too! I might do this afther the castle is looking acceptable. Issue with current texture after scaling. After that I have scaled up the model, the current textures from the roof is dissapearing in the renders, it is visible in the editor, but not when redered. Would that be an issue with its texture tag? Here is the new render with the scaled up model and physical sky lighting, hope to hear your feedback: Render setting options Global illumination setting
  4. Hey guys, I am working on my first (fairy like) castle scene with C4D. It is supposed to look as realistic as possible (convince common public that it is a real castle). It is for an indie movie, I want to show this scene in between some real life landscape footages. Even after doing some post processing it looks, CG. Any tips from you guys would be great. So my question in short is, how can I make this image look as real as possible without changing the landscape so much? The vegetations is a combination of Forester plugin and some free C4D trees. The fog in front is a transparant cloud texture pasted on two planes. Here below are some images - Image: VMP Castle (1) - main with post production.jpg Is the one with some post processing, film grain, glow, color correction, chromatic aberration. Without global illumination. This one below is rendered with global illumination, but it looks too flat, the one above is with three point lighting. That has more depth.
  5. Thanks buddy! It was indeed a firewall issue!
  6. Hey Guys, I am trying to set up a client PC to test the team render function in R17. But I get the following error from Cinema 4D when adding the client pc: 'Could not reach remote machine due to a timeout' Both Pc's have the same os Windows 7 ultimate, both have same C4D versions too. I am able to see both pc's via network and go into their folder etc. What could be the issue? I haven't done anything yet with the TR server app. Thanks for any help! VMP