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  1. GTX 1080ti average FPS is 10-20 I found that C4D doesn't have any effect on optimizing acceleration. When I use Maya Toy Rig in Maya, he doesn't calculate the overall data. It only calculates the data that our real-time drag controller needs to calculate, So it will be very fast unless we move the overall contro :( Regarding the direction, I know what you mean, you can try to use FK. He won't have any distortion problems, because the problem of IK pole will cause the direction of our arms to be distorted.
  2. Are you talking about the setting of your finger? (I don't think I'm perfect., because in the Euler angle rotation order, each angle will affect other angles, so there will be interference information, we must switch the(Gimballing Rotation) to get the correct value ) Unfortunately, I can't get the correct result in the Euler rotation sequence.:(
  3. This is my recent personal project, thank you very much my good friend @chuanzhen for providing plugins and a lot of knowledge about rig rig demo About plugins: @chuanzhen e-mail:faxwang123@gmail.com Twitter:https ://twitter.com/chuanzhen187 You can download the scene file here: Toy Rig 1.0:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ecKQ-1Ui7xdN7qLB1z9mbXvic4Gghimo/view?usp=sharing
  4. This is a limitation. Your priorities are right, but you can't execute an expression between deformers.
  5. I am sorry to tell you that ,C4D can't do it! ! Skin's priority won't work, he's not valid
  6. This is a tutorial on the mesh topology of the face // https://vimeo.com/hippydrome Many times the model determines the effect of the deformation, we need to know what kind of deformation the topological mesh is suitable for (this will require a lot of experience) So I always think that as a rigginger, modeling learning is essential, we even need to work harder than the modeler! !
  7. I recently made a Chinese dragon rig, I hope it can use the Chinese dragon controller while the Spline Wrap is constrained to the spline//This leads me to not control at the same time I can only make simple animations on Spline Wrap. How can I use the controller with Spline Wrap?
  8. There are a lot of restrictions on doing this. You can make a complete arm to verify that your approach is feasible. Many settings have to go through a lot of work to prove right or wrong. You can use your way to create animation IK-FK-IK to loop, whether it works. IKFK-ANI.mp4
  9. 03:15s There is a bug The video may be a bit faster, hopefully won't affect
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