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  1. how to edit a .pyc file ?
  2. mate im the one who bought the worms couple days ago
  3. thanks aloot , can you send me your patreon ? and youtube
  4. how to achive this in c4d ? not modeling but more like splines with new c4d openvdb mesher
  5. got it , i just didnt know where to post it so i posted it in the general
  6. like this but i need an emitter to emit them if iwant more while the timeline moves
  7. how to make an emitter than emite worms that collides with each other ?
  8. what im looking to do , is a displacment material on the inside faces , so once i do that the displacment crashes the outside surface and its shown , so i wanted to extrude the outside face so it will hide it , do you get what i mean ? but i need all the voronoi fracture settings , detailing , connectors and all
  9. but like this can we use the connectors in the standard fracture ?
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