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  1. mimito

    edit .pyc file

    how to edit a .pyc file ?
  2. mate im the one who bought the worms couple days ago
  3. thanks aloot , can you send me your patreon ? and youtube
  4. how to achive this in c4d ? not modeling but more like splines with new c4d openvdb mesher
  5. got it , i just didnt know where to post it so i posted it in the general
  6. like this but i need an emitter to emit them if iwant more while the timeline moves
  7. how to make an emitter than emite worms that collides with each other ?
  8. what im looking to do , is a displacment material on the inside faces , so once i do that the displacment crashes the outside surface and its shown , so i wanted to extrude the outside face so it will hide it , do you get what i mean ? but i need all the voronoi fracture settings , detailing , connectors and all
  9. but like this can we use the connectors in the standard fracture ?
  10. i didn't follow any please help me achieving this i really need it , how about if we export to an alimbic file the we work on that ?
  11. the bevil thing works but the problem here that its not working for every thing
  12. How to add thickness to the outside of the fracture voronoi because it looks like a shell or 0 thickness.
  13. im using a rotation random effector on this cloner so i dont think this will work
  14. when i clone objects on a mesh they go through the mesh , file attached https://www.dropbox.com/s/d7lru99bkm4lqci/rocksss.c4d?dl=0
  15. thats pretty good actually but i want the model to stay at the same place no float like that
  16. thank you so much i didnt open this till toady
  17. i have a hole made in a plane , and i want it to interact with the cylinder going throw in it , the file is attached File.c4d


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