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  1. Ok, the only way i found: in BP UV Edit mode select each UV point move it to 0;0 and after that do the following: calculate 1/TexWidth*X_coord, copy result and paste into X field of UV Mapping "Transform" tool, do same for Y_coord (1/TexHeight*Y_coord) and hit "Apply". ...repeat for each vertex. But in all honesty it's utter garbage, u'd be better off writing your own utility for stuff like that lol P.S. or im just dumb and can't figure out how to do such stuff in C4D
  2. So i have a texture and i want to manually set coordinates for each vertex of a quad, is it possible in C4D? I only used automatic wrapping and i can't find the manual settings for putting texture coordinates. e.g.: i want to manually rig a 4-point plane, so texture will be wrapped on vertices like that: vertex A to point X:18px; Y:486px; vertex B to point X:648px; Y:24px; vertex C to point X:634px; Y:992px; vertex D to point X:1192px; Y:492px; How can i do that?
  3. I have both disabled, i use it only to overlay edges. =\ Well, the thing is it's not for animation purpose, i can't imagine where it would be needed to toggle it for that purpose. I just have some material parameters animated on static frames and then i use Photoshop script to assemble resulting frames into compositing sprite layers. So i also need few frames with edges overlay, which for i use Sketch and Toon. As to post-processing i rarely use it at all cuz mostly i just use material animation or different render settings in a batch renderer, but in this particular case, it will be just a waste of time, same as using another render setting, cuz i need just 2 frames with edges overlay enabled... So i rly want to find a way to toggle it thru the keyframes.
  4. So i want to animate Sketch and Toon effect - i want it disabled initially, then enabled on specific frame, and then disabled again later during animation. The thing is - i couldn't find a way to do that, cuz checkboxes in Render settings window not animatable =\ Any tips?
  5. Well nobody helped me to find a solution (google too =\) so i just created Python Generator by myself (as always lul) I called it Hull NURBS just cuz i couldn't come up with a better name. Demo scene, python code and screenshots attached. Also u can DL it from my GoogleDrive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ETUTldjXdxiIkxTwF_lq2nVZMHXjHzOM Parameters: [c4d.ID_USERDATA,2] Path Spline (Link) [c4d.ID_USERDATA,3] Profile Spline (Link) [c4d.ID_USERDATA,4] Center Mode (Int,QuickTab): 0;Path 1;Profile 2;Fused [c4d.ID_USERDATA,5] Manual Points (Int,QuickTab): 0; OFF 1;Path 2;Profile 3;Both [c4d.ID_USERDATA,6] Path Points (Int,Slider): 3..400 [c4d.ID_USERDATA,7] Profile Points (Int,Slider): 2..400 [c4d.ID_USERDATA,8] Reversed (Int,QuickTab): 0; OFF 1;Path 2;Profile 3;Both [c4d.ID_USERDATA,9] Point Rounding (Int,QuickTab): 0; OFF 1;Round 2;Mod 2 3;Mod 3 4;Mod 5 Description: Hull NURBS generator creates mesh based on 2 splines: 1) Revolution Path (Contour) used to calc angular points and height offsets 2) Profile used to calc heights and offsets scaled by angular distance of rev-path Few notes: It was designed to create solid hull meshes from profile curve and convex polygon as path, so it works best with them. (N1 on demo screenshot) But u still can use non convex contours, even tho result will be pretty crappy, note that in most cases it will be a bit better to use with Manual Points set for Path (or Both) and disabled "Closed" checkbox on the path-spline. (N3 on demo screenshot) Also if u will move/scale/rotate splines themself - resulting mesh will be deformed according to local transformation matrix of each spline. (N2 on demo screenshot) So if u wanna move splines in global space without affecting mesh - move both splines under the Null object and make all the manipulations with the Null-object only. That's pretty much it. Also note that it was created for my own needs, so it's not very flexible. But u can tweak the code to add some additional features by yourself, or even use it as the base to create some other generator for your own needs... Cheers~ HullNURBS1.c4d HullNURBS1.py
  6. I think mentioning Sweep NURBS makes 0 sense in such context. I need hull mesh made from a profile spline (like in Lathe) but with non circular revolution, using another (closed) spline as a revolution-path instead. But Sweep just sweeps (as name suggests) one spline along the other lol
  7. There r 3 things u should make sure of: Spline selected in the Object manager Point mode activated Current tool is a Live Selection (or other selection type) or Move, or other tool which can be used for selecting If u sure that u follow all 3 steps and still can't select points - i guess u need to provide more details: share the scene-file and make detailed description of actions u perform before hitting that bug (if that's rly a bug)...
  8. SO is there any way to make an object from 2 splines: profile and revolution path? I want something like Lathe NURBS, but with custom non-circular rotation. Or maybe use a rev-path as a spline for Extrude NURBS and then twist it somehow via profile-spline like Taper deformer but with custom curve? Any tips? =)
  9. Subj. Is it possible? I want to get coordinate (preferably related to camera, but world oriented will do too) and matrix (rotation+scale) for all the particles in each frame and export it somehow into other software. But at least i need coordinates. I guess data-format isn't important cuz i can convert it by myself, will it be text list or some raw binary data. (i'm a programmer after all =) P.S. yeah i know Emitter object sucks comparing to Thinking particles, but it's just i didn't knew that few days ago =) And i still wanna save 3 days of rendering by editing frames via post-processing script but the thing is i can't do that without coordinates...
  10. As i said in previous post i thought at first that Queue was rendering with the last used setting, but it wasn't that. And i actually found the source of that problem (bug) - it has something to do with Motion Blur!! I still not sure what exactly caused it, but when i disabled blur and removed Motion Blur tags from objects everything working now as intended... (i mean i ASSUME it was blur, cuz before i tried pretty much everything else, and last step was removing blur tags before that bug gone...)
  11. Can't reproduce that bug with a fresh project =\ But it's still not working in the project where that bug occured. The weirdest part it ignores even current setting of the project. Somehow it renders with the setting which not even selected. I removed lot of stuff from project, tried to add some deformers and stuff, change parameters etc. etc. Removed other parent settings, also tried to move them to parent but still not working. I mean it works when i use Picture Render, but for some freakin reason when i try to render that project via Render Queue - it renders with setting which is not selected anywhere lol i don't know what to do with that =)
  12. There r no such thing in the Render Queue, it's just ComboBox with drop-down list for each job. P.S. And i don't use that menu to start render anyways, i just edit settings and close it. After when i want - i pick needed settings from dropdown in main menu and press hotkey to start picture render))
  13. So i have a project, i have there few main Render settings like Full, Small, Dimmed etc. They all have differences (like render size, some options etc.) After i created few child Render settings for Small (like Lod80, Lod100, Lod160, Lod220) with different Detail settings and different paths to save output. And when i tried one preset - it worked just nice. So i created couple more to check how DetailLevel affects animation and added them all into Render Queue. After couple hours results were ready but somehow they were all exact copies of last manual render with the settings i've used. I thought maybe Detail Level doesn't affects anything after some margin lol - but nope, now i manually started render with one of presets i've specified in the Queue - and it's totally different. So is it a bug of Render Queue or am i missing something? (c4d version: R14.041S) P.S. And don't tell me that i've forgot to specify settings for each job in the queue, i'm not that dumb))) double checked everything - and it's not working, it uses last setting i've used via Picture Render, regardless of what i select in the Queue for each job!!
  14. So i want to create a Python Generator which will create a plane from the mesh according to selected axes (like XZ for example). I've made that code so far: import c4d import c4d.utils #Welcome to the world of Python def MakeEditable(op): if (not op) or op.CheckType(c4d.Opolygon) or op.CheckType(c4d.Ospline): return op doc = c4d.documents.BaseDocument() clone = op.GetClone() doc.InsertObject(clone, None, None) clone.SetMg(op.GetMg()) op = c4d.utils.SendModelingCommand( command = c4d.MCOMMAND_MAKEEDITABLE, list = [clone], mode = c4d.MODELINGCOMMANDMODE_ALL, doc = doc ) if op: return op[0] else: return None def main(): src = op[c4d.ID_USERDATA,1] #Link to Source if(src): src = MakeEditable(src) if(not src): return None pts = [] pts.extend(src.GetAllPoints()) #Points from mesh #print pts pg = c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Opolygon) #New PolyObject pg.ResizeObject(len(pts)) pg.SetAllPoints(pts) return pg And i thought i will have exactly same geometry at first, and i will need only to perform some matrix conversion to points after, but actually it shows nothing at all right now. So im kinda confused - looks that SetAllPoints command not working properly, and i guess i need somehow to iterate thru points to create each polygon manually via SetPoint/SetPolygon instead. But i don't even sure where to start. I will appreciate any hints, or at least point me into right direction lol UPD1: Okay, i 've got a bit closer to my goal: Now i understood that SetAllPoints only sets coords of the points and not the links between em, so yea it's needed to set links for polygons between the points via SetPolygon command, also i've realized that to project mesh into axes plane i simply need to zero one coord which i don't need, so now i have a plane from mesh projected to XZ plane: but now i need to eliminate all the extra points which lay inside, leaving only outer edges, so i'll be able to loop thru perimeter
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