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  1. That was fast, i managed to do it the same way but i can't get this right (that's why i was thinking there's another method of doing it) : I need to get a big donut in this character's mouth (file attached) : i need this head (lower side) to stretch to the sides to match the shape of the donut. Also i need this to be perfect, frame by frame as it's for an animation (no jagged edges or stuff like that). I tried it myself with a collision modifier but it all blows up... Couldn't attach here, file is too big, but here's a link of my project : https://www29.zippyshare.com/v/JVmL7Fh7/file.html For some reason the pose does not save properly (i saved it with the mouth open - you just need to rotate the lower jaw bone in order to open the mouth)
  2. So i have a torus like object (a donut actually, with glazing and all) and i need to animate it into a specific way : i need to pass a cube (rectangle shape) though the hole of the donut. And i need the donut hole to stretch to the exact shape of the cube while preserving it's volume and maps (i need to render it with and without the cube inside, but render it's new shape). I have tried using the collision modifier but it doesn't provide the needed results. Is there any way i can select the donut hole and change it's shape to a square (same size as my square)? Or any other solution?
  3. I have a character and separate hair object / prop and clothes (imported from daz studio). I got the character all sorted out now just need to add the hair and clothes (and make them dynamic so they are affected by gravity and inertia). What is the best way to do this? Is there a way to transform the mesh hair into a C4D hair object? I tried adding the cloth tag to it to make it dynamic but it seems to melt away (literally melts down on the head / scalp). What about the clothes, adding the cloth tag to them would make it work? Any tutorials or pointers? Thanks, Andy
  4. andykao

    Clamp Constraint Surface Help

    it doesn't solve the problem, the cylinder can still go though the model - and with the settings you have just touching the model is not possible...
  5. i'm trying to prevent to objects from touching each other. best solution i could find is to use a clamp constraint and set it to surface - things work fine if the objects have a regular shape (square, sphere, etc) but if i have an irregular object like a human the constraint tag works but the distance is calculated from the surface of the target to the center of the my human character and not to the surface of it. how can i create a surface to surface clamp constraint? i've attached a demo file, you can see the arms of the human go though the cylinder (and ideally i would like to have the distance set to just 1 cm or less). any help would be appreciated problem.c4d
  6. In case anyone else has this problem i found a solution for it : clamp constraints > bounds or plane (depending what you need). This works but only just, can't get it to work properly with IK, so it's kinda useless... So back to the drawing board, any help would be appreciated... Side Question : on most other 3d animation apps i can define a set of points, attach them in a way to the skin / mesh or joints and i can set those points to collide (in real time, without any animation) with either planes or objects. This way the body parts i'm animating with IK don't collide with anything - would something like this be possible in C4D?
  7. i have tried using constraints, but since i'm a c4d noob, i could not get them to work as i wanted. could you point me in the right direction (what type of constraint to use and how to use it) ? Also i saw that when i create a default character rig (biped or advanced biped) it's feet are planted to the ground and if you move the spine, they stay planted and not pass through... how can i do that with my own rigs? what function does that use to make the feet not go though the ground plane?
  8. I'm really new to C4D and it looks like a complex and amazing piece of software - has all the features i need. I'm going to do some animations with some characters i created in zBrush and here's my question : I rigged the character and found out that the feet of the character (biped) can actually touch the ground and not go though it - making it really easy to animate properly via IK. I wanted to ask if it's possible to do the same thing with the hands (and / or) any other body part - to make it touch the ground plane (or any other object or plane) and not go though it. I saw some tutorials using constraints and collisions but they didn't help me a lot (worked only when doing simulations / dynamics - and now when animating). Also, on the same line, i wanted to ask if it's possible to do the same thing ( ground / object contact) with the surface /mesh of my character and not the actual rig - getting surface on surface contact will make things 10 times faster to animate...