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  1. N-gons

    Thanks very much for the feedback guys, the above worked thanks and because of this I've just found another way... change attributes mode to project info/structure and it works exactly as I'm used too... many thanks
  2. Hot air balloon

    Great explanation
  3. N-gons

    Hi guys just spent the last 30mins trying to find 4 N-gons that I'd managed to create with the knife tool without realising so my question is this... is there a way to select them when they're well hidden? I've recently ported over to C4d after using Lightwave 3d for many years and one of the tools that it has is the ability to select 2,3,4 or above vertices by just selecting the '+' key (see photo). So, for example, if you import an obj that has more that 4 sided vertices they're easy to find by ticking the '+' key which will select them... any such feature in C4d? many thanks Tony
  4. Subpatch cage

    That's great just sorted it, I did what you suggested which helped but still wasn't working as I wanted but was better, then I realised I had the SDS cage selected... all good now, may thanks
  5. Subpatch cage

    Hi all, is there a way to hide the blue subpatch cage as I always find these get in the way. I've found that you can go to options/configure/filter and uncheck polygons but that then leaves the polygons and points etc in a state that you can't select them. I'm sure there must be a way but I've looked everywhere... thanks in advance Tony
  6. punching a hole

    Not sure if this is what your looking for but it may help https://elementza.com/bevels-booleans-cinema-4d/ https://elementza.com/tutorial-series-introduction-modeling-cinema-4d/
  7. freelance digital artists

    Not sure if this is any help to anybody but there's a new site that helps customers source 3d artists. The guy that runs it used to work for Turbosquid so he should know the market quite well, maybe useful for somebody either to put a portfolio up or to source artists... https://cghero.com
  8. Black Friday '17

    Amazon have started their sales, I believe for 10 days. Only useful if you need what's on sale
  9. Started off with Agisoft Photoscan and the Lightwave 3d. First attempt with C4D's lighting and rendering so still loads to learn
  10. Hi all, new C4D user here so here's my first try at surfacing and rendering. Not modelled in C4D as I'm in the process of importing a selection of my models over to re-texture and render them but looking forward to getting my head around the modelling side of things soon... comments always welcome thanks Tony
  11. default naming convention

    Thanks very much for this, I wasn't aware of this option, it looks very useful... thanks again for replying regards Tony
  12. Hi all, is there a way to change the default naming convention in render settings. What I mean by this is where you select your naming type, for example Name.000.tiff, could this be changed to Name_000.tiff many thanks Tony
  13. Shadow Density / Alpha

    Sorted managed to find a SC plugin and turned off GI which was causing some issues... happy days
  14. Shadow Density / Alpha

    Looks like a spoke too soon as I've activated C4D and Shadow Catcher is only available in Studio and no Prime