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  1. That's perfect, thanks Jed, very much appreciated
  2. Hi all, hope I've put this question in the correct place... I have a car wheel that has a bake caliper attached and I want to restrict the caliper rotation to when the wheel turns left or right but obviously not when the wheel rotates but I can't work out how to achieve it any help would be appreciated thanks... Tony
  3. Thanks to bezo with his great normalizer workaround this is now solved
  4. Ok thanks for looking, strange one indeed
  5. sent you a link thanks again
  6. Tried to send it to you and it says that you can't receive messages?
  7. It's a personal project so I can PM you the file if it helps...
  8. Yeah it came with one but doesn't seem to make a difference if I keep it or delete it. As for the settings I tend to use the default ones... thanks for the reply
  9. Sorry should have given more info sorry. I'm importing the model as a .obj file and get this error. I've done the same with other software but I don't get the same error which I thought was strange. The model was originally exported from 3dCoat if this helps but I still confused as to why I get this error in C4D and not other packages so I thought I must be missing something I assumed it was something to do with the UV map?
  10. Hi all not sure what's happening here but I'm having some issues with a UV map that's showing the joints on the map that seems to correct its self when the phong shading is turned off, which is not ideal. Any thoughts on what maybe causing this... many thanks Tony
  11. Agree with above, what a great piece of work, a pleasure to watch...
  12. Some of you may have seen this but thought I'd post a link here as C4D seems to come out quite well I feel... Any thoughts? https://www.creativebloq.com/features/best-3d-modelling-software
  13. I like the 'error' when you can see the mic, nice job
  14. Yes that's the one Thanks for the feedback, after reading what you said I realised I wasn't using the move tool, I was just using the select tool ... thanks again regards Tony
  15. Hi all just been watching an excellent tutorial from Athanasios Pozantzis on cineversity and in it he explains that you can select one edge and then select another with CTRL Shift and it will select all edges in between but for some reason I can't get it to work? is this because I'm on prime or dare I say is it an error in the tutorial... many thanks Tony
  16. someone looks like she's having a great chilled out time love the posses :)
  17. quick note you applied the texture to the whole object and then the section sets but you should have applied it as @maliohammad explains, also it looks like you tried to achieve it by using an alpha channel...
  18. My apologies I uploaded your file back to you... long day, messed up your uvmap but the ideas still there... C4d.zip
  19. Is this what your after? Polyvisibility.zip
  20. In answer to your first question Yes, and as regards to Xpresso I'm very new myself but you need to select, in your case, the overhead soft box which will change what items you can edit in your attributes manager... hope this helps regards Tony
  21. New to C4D as well but I'm sure that the 'X' means that the light is switched off. To hide the light just deselect it in the filters tab.. P.S. Just noticed that you have an XPresso linked to the light so that will control brightness etc :)


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