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  1. hi @muratz so many words written, and so many words about things which one cant disagree much, if only you would´ve understood my few words a bit better, maybe a "fruit"ful talk may have arisen. blender might be a good software, even i dont really use it currently but i certainly did not undermine its potential at any point if that makes you feel better. maybe you have misunderstood me? throwing bananas at everybody just does not make it better, this is not don king kong, its a forum with real people.
  2. some say one shall not compare apples to pears, but bananas are all around thats for sure. the problem is obviously not in c4d here, so its pretty natural that somebody reminds that you are in the swiss alps while you are actually longing to be in the jungle with monkeys. real flow for cinema costs 486.50€ atm since its in a special offer. even if you need it only once, a job properly remunerated should compensate this easily. and since its perpetual like cinema you can still use it anytime later.
  3. nothing complicated, just a couple of separate horizontal cylinders animated to pull over. i reduced the gravity in the project settings that the impact is not so harsh something like 500. give it a spin. also i would reduce the amount of poles and make them bigger below to make it look even more natural. or try spheres. just important that the timing is right, imagine a ninja sword cutting a mm of fibre off just before the blanket passes, a super fast kiss.
  4. you can slide invisible collision objects across while its falling that will give it the impression of local air compression.
  5. after having a deep look myself i must say i am at the end of my latin with cinema on board systems only. from here on either somebody with a bigger brain could recompose the functions of cinema for this purpose or you need a different renderer. cinema seems to only fake the most common CA, and is not actually physically fracturing it, although i presume tweaking the engine to emit a further variety can not be so hard.. but what do i know. the only idea i could still come up with is using compositing. simply render the exact same scene out 3 times with different refraction settings close to each other without using any chromatic effects in cinema. i experimented with 1.61, 1.63 and 1.65 and used the color correction effect in render settings to render each refraction setting out with one color each, red ,green then blue. in photoshop or where ever you might do that you compose the 3 RGB layers together and set the upper two layers to difference. its a little extra work but can also be done as a film sequence so definitely doable.
  6. the physical correct keyword is called chromatic aberration, often referred as CA in photography and film. you can do that with cinema if you have the physical renderer, i am not sure to which extent the rainbow color will come out but just experiment. of course you need something behind which will refract, for example lines, letters anything dark on bright or bright on dark, it works either way and some transparent object in front a sphere for example -> create a material with transparency, set the refractive index to anything above or below 1, i recommend 1.3 - 1.4 to start with. then go to render settings and set the renderer to physical. activate depth of field, set the sampling to low for now, later to high for less grainy out come of course. now create a camera, under the object tab set the sphere as focus object, under the physical tab take a low F-Stop maybe start with 1 (higher f stops will diminish this effect again) and set the chromatic aberration to 500 %. that should get you started. chromatic aberration.mp4
  7. hi Voytech, sorry for answering so late, i am a bit hooked with this projects and have plenty of issues, but this one seems solved now with your suggestion. i had actually tried it a few times and already wanted to answer but then i got it working after building it up from scratch 4 times the exact same way. it seems the first 3 did not work because something was still hooked up from the xpresso maybe, it just would not animate, so i created a blank and voila it worked. so thank you very much for this, it will save my day (night) completely :) edit: here a quick test, i wanted it to look something like flickering fluorescence lights in the end, thanks again to both of you. i would mark this thread as solved but i guess its not actually, still would be interesting to know how to solve this with xpresso. maybe if somebody knowing how to address children with a different seed could still amend this knowledge if possible at all, please be welcomed. muhlalala (Konvertiert).mov
  8. creating the materials will be exponentially fast of course, assigning them with your python script would be probably also pretty smooth thanks for this. maybe i will have to consider an alternative if you say that may eat up my juice too much. creating 1000 materials ( actually 1800 counting now) is probably a bad way. i could create a few groups if i manage to randomize the objects that they are not too close to each other. that might be enough, will get back again if i may, thanks again.
  9. hi jed, thank you for the fast reply! yes that is still going to break my neck if i understood correct, creating 1000 materials and dragging them onto each object manually. maybe if thats the only way then at least those 1000 materials could be taken into a list and assigned to the children automatically? is there maybe another way to randomize the flickering of many objects?
  10. hi , this is my first post and my first steps in xpresso pls forgive. playing with xpresso is something i avoided by all means before but inspired by a quick tutorial which described how to adjust brightness of lights by a noise input, i created similar addressing the luminance brightness. now i have a null with an xpresso tag on it with about 1000 objects imported in it and i would like that each child gets an own seed, so that each object flickers individually and not simultaneously. i tried combining hierarchy with link list or object list but i didnt get it to work.
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