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  1. Hey guys, The liquid keeps escaping my shape although I used X-Particles Collider Tag as Static Mesh as you can see the model does not hold all the liquid. Added pictures and the link to the working file. Thanks, https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5z1wz2em8k0g87/PouringWater.zip?dl=0
  2. I figured it out. Thanks, In Render Settings/Effects/Sketch and Toon/Shading switch Background from Color to Off.
  3. Hey guys, I am trying to animate a black box with red outlines by using Sketch and Toon. Is there any ways to render it out without white background? Please see the screenshot attached below. Thanks,
  4. Does anyone know what are differences of these nodes? Thanks,
  5. Hey guys, I need a realistic teeth material. I use Subsurface and alpha textures linked to the BUMP channel, but can't get it right. Does anyone know how to create a realistic teeth material in Arnold? Any tips? Thanks,
  6. Where the question should be placed?
  7. I don't want to see the pop up window when I open Cinema 4D R20. Does anyone know how to delete the substance asset permanently?
  8. The problem was soft selection. Thanks!
  9. My quantizing is not switched on...Still not working to move and scale. Does anyone know how to solve it? Thanks,
  10. I'm having some difficulties with Cylinder in Cinema 4d R20. I can't edit the cylinder...I made it editable. Please see the attached file below. Thanks, Screen Recording.mp4
  11. This message alert just pop up every time when I open Cinema 4D. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks,
  12. I am trying to make this attached animation using Turbulence Simulator and Particle Emitter. Once Turbulence Simulator is applied, the some of bubbles are going down. Does anyone know how to use them together? Also, The bubbles need to be organic shaped and deformed. Thanks, https://we.tl/t-Es0YCF2Z97
  13. Jaee

    UI panel

    This UI panel is not showing. Does anyone know how to open it? Thanks,
  14. Hi guys, I am trying to create an egg in Cinema 4D for Arnold. The problem is that the IPR window (on the right) shows somewhat my desired result however the actual render window seems to ignore the my desired result. Anyone knows of possible solution? IPR Window_ The actual render_
  15. I increased the amount of Ray-depth Specular. Higher value makes it look correct! Thanks,

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