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  1. Hey guys This is going to sound really stupid, but the mini axis that let u scale sizes or adjust positions that appear when the scale and move tool are active never show up anymore. The mini axis looks so tiny on my scene (Please see the attached below). I was wondering how I could get them to appear again. Thanks!
  2. Can you teach me how to do depth to cloud it?
  3. Can you help me to make the "JUICE" material a bit more translucent, like the attached? Right now it feels to solid and looks like thick blood or something. Does anyone know how to do? Thanks,
  4. I got this modeling assignment.. can anyone help me out? I attached my working file I've done so far. Thanks, Untitled 2.c4d
  5. I'd like to ask you how to make my cranberries to be more watery and glossy. I don't know why it still looks matte and plastic. 0.4 bumper, 6 Fresnel IOR and 0.9 Reflection Glossiness. Please see the attached file below and kindly advise me. Thanks !
  6. Can you teach me how to increase thickness with sketch and toon?
  7. I have a 3d model of a baseball in presets. Please see the attached file below. But, I'd like to make the outlines simpler and thicker. Do you guys have any ideas?
  8. I would like to make this 2D baseball illustration to be 3D dimensional. Does anyone know how to do it? Please see the attached file below. Thanks, Screen Recording.mov
  9. Hi, I have tried to bend a bottle shape(see attached image), somehow it looks like the whole polygon is broken. How can I avoid this issue when bending a shape? I attached my working file below. Thanks, Bottle_Cardboard.c4d
  10. Thank you so much! It is so helpful for me.
  11. Can you teach me how to use the flat projection ~~~~~ together with Stick Texture tag ~~~? Please see the attached screenshot and screen recording. Thanks, Untitled.mp4
  12. Does anyone know why the texture has a strange distortion phenomenon if I use UVW mapping? If I set it up with Texture tag flat in V-Ray, it doesn't happen. I used cloth surface, subdivision surface and cloth tag. Please advise.. Thanks so much !
  13. Can you guys teach me how to use normal, bump and displacement mapping in Cinema 4D using V-Ray Render engine? It would be helpful if you have some tutorials. Please see the attached file below. Thank you!