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  1. Hahah Dave, We are very dangerous! No seriously, happy that it works for you now! We're still having this issue but also hope that we can fix it together with Norton for our other users. Have a nice day!
  2. Hi Dave, We are aware of this issue, we are not sure why Norton is doing this. We’ve sent a message to Norton to fix this. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Have a nice day!
  3. Hi guys! We might have something that you guys would like. Maybe! We’ve created a plugin called the PBR Texture Manager for Cinema 4D . You can store all your textures and import them with a single click. There is support for all major render engines. We keep on updating and improving with the help of you guys. Our latest update includes the ability to create rendered thumbnails of your materials in which you can see all your materials and pick out the perfect one for your scene. Please send us your comments so we can keep on improving your workflow! Check out the plugin here
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