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  1. lasagna

    Character Binding issues

    Hey Dan, Thanks for the quick reply, i suspected i would have to scrap the entire model but i wanted to be sure i wasn't just doing something else wrong with the rig before i started fresh. This was my first try at rigging a character and i really threw them together while learning how to use the software so this feedback is extra helpful and exactly what i needed. I'll probably keep this mesh around as a background character if i ever need a giant. Thanks, Myles
  2. Hey guys so im pretty new to Cinema 4d and I've been having some issues with binding & animating my character, the legs work fine and i can even animate a walk cycle but the upper body and arms are completely useless? I've rebuilt the rig 5 or so times and i cannot figure out the issue here and would love some feedback. here is the project file http://www.mediafire.com/file/3gu4nk3q3qaa06g/for_review.zip