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  1. I'm looking to create a very simple lighting setup with a hard shadow like this: The consensus online seems to be to create this using infinite light. But when using infinite light and a hard shadow, the shadow has no variation in density. In other words, the shadow is too simple. How can I maintain the hard shadow, but add other subtle lighting touches like a soft gradient along the depth of the shadow? Thanks
  2. I have a scene with an invisible cube. Inside the invisible cube are falling letters that I'd like to be contained within the cube. The cube is just as deep as the letters so that when the letters fall, they stack on top of each other instead of collapsing. I have set the cube with a collider body tag and the text with a rigid body tag, but the problem is that the text can still go through the cube. It seems to obey the collision mostly, but some of the letters make there way outside the cube. How can I stop this from happening? I attached the project file. falling letters.c4d
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