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  1. Hello All, Working with corona and am having viewport issues. EVERY material, including corona I have layered on an object, shows all black. I can only see the materials in the real time render window. Is there any way I can view my textures in the viewport, and not be all black? Also, is there a better way to create alpha materials? I am using the the opacity channel with a jpeg to create the "alpha". I love the simplicity of creative alpha images in standard material creator, but they do not work in corona. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thanks. I didn't use the drop down menu.
  3. Thanks, I did everything from the object display set to none and saved my new default file as new in my r18 folder. All my settings are there when I open a new file expect those dots still show up with every new null. Thanks for your help on this Cerbera!
  4. Hey Guys, I too have had this issue, however when I set my null display to none, every new object still displays with a dot. Am I missing something?
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