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  1. Ah yes, it worked! Thank you! If I could get help with one more thing, I'd really appreciate it! In the character obj, I binded the character and now am in the animation tab. However, I cannot move the joints. Clicked on the "Add Walk" tab, the character does move so I'm not quite sure what's happening?
  2. Hi, Sorry, this is really stupid but could you also be so kind as to show me how to use the joint tool? I have full hierarchy on and selected the joint. I'm assuming you then click and drag with the joint tool from the joint or just click but nothing happens. I've tried changing the bone options as well
  3. Hello, Is there a way to add another joint to a joint in a character body rig? For example, if I used the character body human rig and I need to add more joints to the neck for multiple heads? Also, when rigging a character with hair, would the correct workflow be to group the hair with the body and then rig it? If not, what would be the usual steps for rigging a character with hair/accessories? Thanks!
  4. Selection question

    I see- I'll definitely try cleaning up the hierarchy, and if it continues to be buggy I'll consider going to MAXON with the issue. Thank you both, I appreciate it! :)
  5. Selection question

    Hmm unfortunately, restarting the comp also hasnt fixed the problem. I'll probably just start again in a new window, hopefully it won't act up again. Sincere thanks for you continued help :)
  6. Selection question

    The test scene does work! Here's the file that's giving me trouble. head_08.c4d
  7. Selection question

    Yes, it's really strange. I'm in model mode double clicking objects but it still selects everything under the null. I tried copy and pasting everything to another window and the selection is actually fine for a while, then eventually reverts to selecting everything again. I've attached an image of what the attribute manager says when I double click a single object. It says 2 Elements, but everything is selected. Would this mean anything? Thanks for all the help!
  8. Selection question

    Actually, I realized that if I take the null object out of symmetry, I can select the individual objects in the viewport just fine. Is there any reason the symmetry would be causing the selection problem?
  9. Selection question

    Hmm, I'll try opening it in another window. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  10. Selection question

    For some reason, double clicking still selects all the objects under the null. Is there some kind of selection lock in cinema that I might have accidentally turned on?
  11. Hello, Whenever I select an object in the viewport that's under a null object, it selects everything under the null instead of just the one. This gets annoying since I don't want to have to go to the object manager every time since I have multiple objects under multiple nulls. Is there a way to stop this selection result? Thanks!
  12. Viewport navigation problem

    I just checked, seems somehow I'd gotten into camera mode instead of object mode. I can now move normally! Thank you!
  13. Hello, To navigate around the viewport in cinema 4d, I use ALT + Left Mouse, ALT +Middle Mouse, and ALT + Right Mouse for Rotate, Move and Scale respectively. It was working fine for a while but just recently, whenever I try to MOVE around the viewport it moves at an incredibly tiny and slow rate. Meanwhile, Rotate and Scale move normally. It started happening as I was already working on a project, so perhaps I pressed something which altered the move tool attributes? I tried restarting the computer also, which hasn't changed things. Any help would be much appreciated!
  14. Beginners workflow question

    Hi Dan, I'll definitely keep this all in mind as I go forward, thank you very much!
  15. Hello, I'm very new to cinema 4D and after researching the internet, this is what I gathered I had to do in order to model say, a fairly complex soldier to animate. If anyone could tell me if this is correct, or give any tips I'd appreciate it. -First, model the soldier in cinema as thoroughly as I can with the parametric tools. -If I were to want extra detail, I'd have to make a displacement map of the model using either cinema 4D's sculpting tools or Zbrush. -Then I'd have to retopo it in Zbrush or with the Polygon Pen in cinema, in order to lessen the number of polygons on the model. -Then in order to have the displacement map bind to the model, I'd have to UV unwrap the model. -Rig the original model in cinema, and then with the animation finished, add the displacement map onto the model at the render.