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  1. asaul

    Weight Painting Problem

    After a lot more messing around, I think I'm going to start over with the weight painting. I'll def check off auto normalise this time around, and keep everything else you said in mind. It will be helpful going forward. Thank you!
  2. Hello! With weight painting, is there a way to batch zero out vertices? I have fully weight painted the head of my character but whenever I move the head, the body moves with it. What I'm trying right now is to select all the vertices that are moving, going to the weights manager and manually fixing the weights but ofc that is not a viable solution.
  3. asaul

    weight painting High poly mesh

    Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much, I understand much more how to proceed now :)
  4. asaul

    weight painting High poly mesh

    Thank you both for replying. Also, wow that is crazy low number of polygons in those games I wasn't aware. I fully understand what you guys are saying. @Rectro you said if the character is clothed, the head can be more polygons and the body to what it needs. I'm planning on putting clothes over my model instead of modeling it in, due to the nature of the clothes. Just to make sure, you are talking about having the head/neck and body separate meshes, hiding the separation with the clothes and connect them through weight painting?
  5. Hi guys! :) I'm thinking about rigging a human character and I would like to ask for clarification on certain things before I begin. I have rigged and weightpainted a model before so I know the very basic idea. However currently I have a character model sculpt that is around 800k polygons. I can reduce the polygon count if I want, but the 800k polygon count is how it would ideally look. I want to have the face rigged as well, are there any tips or tricks or any kind to make the rigging and weight painting easier or faster? I know of baking displacement and normal maps but that wouldn't work right? If I'm trying to animate complex sensibilities such as the face?
  6. asaul

    Pole vector problem

    Hmmm, yeah it just happened randomly while I was animating. If anything, I might just re rig the character. Thanks anyway!
  7. Hello, I made a character object and was in the process of animating it. And suddenly, the pole of the arm (red joint arm in the photo) switched so the elbow bends the opposite way. I can't see how to fix it, many thanks in advance!
  8. asaul

    Spline Questions

    I tried doing the set up as you said, the rope falls as it should but I'm having a hard time getting the blades to go with it. Would you be so kind as to check the scene file really quickly, I'm sure I missed something. Also, I feel like it's unavoidable that the rope will pass through some of the polygons of the model right? Since there are so many different angles? Or would there be a way to counter that, with subframe steps and such? cinema1.c4d
  9. asaul

    Spline Questions

    Ah ok, I def have a better grasp on what to do now. Thanks for taking the time to explain everything :)
  10. asaul

    Spline Questions

    Ah I see. So when I create the spline with the sweep and the nside, are there any tricks to make sure that the resulted polygons dont intersect when I wrap it around an object. Or is it just a matter of manually moving the spline vertices so that they aren't too close and readjusting the scale of the nside? And also essentially spline dynamics are just for simpler set ups for cables and such, where the spline doesn't wrap around or have any complex shapes? Sorry, I just want to make sure I understand.
  11. asaul

    Spline Questions

    Sure thing. Here's my file. The idea was I'd want the rope to hang across a character's body. cinema.c4d
  12. asaul

    Spline Questions

    Sorry I'm a bit confused, how would I go about having the spline wrap object not intersect one another with dynamics? Cus what I'd want is that the rope would be constrained to the object at the point where the rope wraps around, so that I can have the object hang from the rope.
  13. asaul

    Spline Questions

    Hello, I'm trying to wrap a spline around an object like its a rope, with a spline wrap. Is there any way to make the surfaces of the spline wrapped object not intersect one another without the trial and error of moving the vertices of the spline around to correct it? I've attached images of what I mean- one with the spline wrap and one with just the spline. Also some corners end up more rounded than others. Is there a surefire way to correct that as well, or is it trial and error as well? I've upped the horizontal segments of the cylinder I used to spline wrap with and there is still distortion so I'm just wondering the most efficient way to correct this. Also I noticed where the beginning and end of the spline meet ( where the most white and most blue spline segments meet), the spline wrap looks distorted. Any reason why this is and how I could fix it? Last question is how would you most efficiently and cleanly wrap a spline multiple times around an object, esp if the object has many different angles. The way I've been doing it is using the snap tool and trying to put the vertices to the polygon surfaces. But this can not always be accurate and can be time consuming. Sorry, these are a lot of questions, but I'd really appreciate the help :)
  14. asaul

    Weird viewport distortion

    Ah I see. I'll def try to look out for that the next time it happens. Thank you very much :)
  15. Hello, Lately, my viewport has randomly been acting up. When I move around the viewport, the object and axis suddenly look very distorted like the image attached. The only fix for this I've found is just copying and pasting the scene to a new window. Any help on what this is would be greatly appreciated!