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  1. Sorry to bump this up, but I cannot in good conscience leave this thread without closure. I'm happy to report that I was able to get the rig to work (not without constant crashing though; even in skeleton mode. EDIT: Fixed that by turning off Open GL), and here's the result: Not perfect, but not bad for what's essentially my first time at IK rigging. I have yet another one of these videos to do (working on it as I type this) and I'm now enjoying (not) trying to find out why I can't rig each leg with the foot and toe as a second link in the IK, but that's another story. Thanks again! -Kurt
  2. Will do. Thanks again to all of you for the assist. Saved me from a few more grey hairs... -Kurt
  3. Trust me - the bicycle's hierarchy is about as crazy, if less sophisticated. That said, I ran a PSR constraint to R_Leg_Foot_cont+ (not before constraining the wrong bits beforehand resulting in very painful looking contortions) and it works perfectly. Haven't rigged the right side yet, but I have a bit of work to do on Wordpress beforehand. Can't thank you enough. -Kurt
  4. I just tried both types of constraints with no luck; the bike and crankset will animate forward, but the character will remain in place. There is one thing that comes to mind now that I think about it though (again, bear with me, still #noob) I can only put a constraint on the component object (R_leg) - not the actual controller, R_leg_foot. Also, this only happens with the animate tag clicked under character object properties, and the IK disconnects from the model skin if anything else is clicked, so I think the binding got screwed up somewhere (or I'm just not aware of how this thing really works). At any rate, here's a cut down version of the scene file with the basics intact: https://miami.box.com/s/49yeue9whumkkqdkn9vwwjbm5qjq7gbo FYI, I've already changed the manner by which the pedals rotate (or, rather, don't rotate), but I did so on a separate scene file with just the bicycle. I haven't bothered to update the bike model that I'm using for these tests. Dan, I'm really tempted to go back to the simplicity of a manual IK rig like this, but your beautiful example looks like this on my side. The crankset is pointed along the Z axis over here unlike your video, which shows the model pedaling along the X axis. At left, before running animations. At right, running the animation. Seems as if the coordinate system is getting confused, I assume? I'm now more intrigued to find out what's preventing your model from running correctly on my system before anything else, out of fear that something is wrong in my C4D. Do you have a picture that shows how/which character controllers are constrained to each object? EDIT: Just read your additional reply to Dan. Would really like to see how you accessed the controllers to constrain, as opposed to the components in the objects manager. It's probably something I haven't figured out with C4D yet. Thanks again. -Kurt P.S.: Really feels wonderful to be a first-poster and a newbie and not get talked down to for being either - super refreshing change of pace from most forums. Thank you!
  5. Hello all: First off - I was not entirely sure whether I should post here or directly in the newbie thread. Though I've worked in C4D lightly for my own personal projects (mostly motion tracking onto live-action footage through AE), I've never had a project requiring character rigging - until now. Worked myself into it. I've attached a photo of what I'm working (wrestling?) with. The end goal is to use the bicycle and human model for a 30-second video (not a game) hence the bicycle's wheel and pedal rotations are linked directly to the bicycle's motion within global space with Xpresso. So far, the bike has been fine. It's when I've tried to make a rigged character ride it that's been a problem (note, the rig is an unmapped test object for now - figured there was no point in making it nice until I knew what I was really doing). I was having some trouble with the human object's initial rig (with conventional joints), so I removed it entirely and decided to give Cinema4D's automatic character rig a try. I've had no problem getting the rig into place on the bike (which I fear may be the wrong way of going about it), but my main problem has been trying to link the controllers with the objects on the bike (or nulls tied to those objects). Unlike a rig with a conventional walk cycle, I need the foot controllers to follow the pedals with every rotation of the crank. I assumed this would be possible with nulls, but I can't add a null to the controller - and even without the null, I can't get the controller itself to link with the pedal motion with Xpresso. I think I know where this is headed - that I can't use the Cinema4D auto-rig for anything other than a walk cycle. I don't mind reverting to the previous IK rig, though as I recall, that gave trouble as well (though I don't remember if that was out of my own novice knowledge of rigging initially). But I also don't know if that type of rig is compatible with my idea either. Would anyone happen to have a recommendation as to how I should move forward, lest I spend more time trying to achieve something the wrong way? Thank you! -Kurt
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