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  1. Try this too Design Spark Mechanical 4.0 it is freeware but you need register and connect once per month. It is based in Spaceclaim commercial CAD application. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=design+spark+mechanical You still have Blender 2.83, or the improved 2.9 beta check here https://www.blendernation.com/
  2. Yeah you need to have material between both parts.
  3. Completely wrong. Lots of stuff can be done with Particle Flow. More than with C4D i might add.
  4. Prorender 2.4 for Blender http://www.cgchannel.com/2020/05/amd-releases-radeon-prorender-2-4-for-blender/
  5. Still, Prorender released for Unreal, http://www.cgchannel.com/2020/05/amd-releases-radeon-prorender-for-unreal-engine/
  6. I think the best way is to have Blender discussion, news restricted to one thread.
  7. If true it is great. Still more than 1 year to go and note the Playstation 5 specs.
  8. Might help some that want to try
  9. He is just talking that with experience you know better what to search for.
  10. Rendering Viewport/Eevee Sculpt Modelling UV's Materials Added:Grease Pencil Mograph Matchmoving Exporting to CAD formats VDB (Volumes) Fields?
  11. You were talking like if MAXON is evil now but seem to agree the reason was something from 20 years ago.
  12. MAXON was bought in 1999 by Nemetschek. More than 20 years ago.
  13. Don't tell me you are one of those persons that think or just says the concept of profit is only applicable to money...when you as Marxist trade and seek profit on power. over other people current free decisions. I don't have a version of C4D, it was a race between Blender and C4D. I did not tested recent version but since i have to keep my options open and i am interested in medical simulation C4D is, lets call it at this time "distant option" until i can be very comfortable with Blender. . I still think that C4D has better GUI and the interface is more logical. When i use it i feel at home, it is a bit difficult to explain the reason, it is more emotional, but functionality wise it has too much friction to use after the attractive and first contact. C4D does not flow. I was stumped by C4D obnoxious modeling tools compared to my beloved Softimage XSI. i mean in 2018 i was complaining after testing C4D that when i deleted a polygon the points remained, it seems i had returned to the first years of XX century....then one of the MAXON guys in cgsociety did not see anything wrong with that...a painful exercise with C4D splines followed and that made me wait, not even 3Ds Max level can reach. While the points issue was "fixed" in some later version, other contextual things got worse and only Redshift which i had contact in Softimage was a positive, but as a plugin to be paid which already existed... For me that did not paid any of Studio the news of renting is attractive than paying a full Studio, but trust essential for continuity and future so trumps price. The biggest cost of choosing a software is learning it. It is not price. See, cost like profit is not only about money. Plus Blender keep getting better. much faster than C4D Free market in action! Choice.
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