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  1. Really? explain Windows updates then... some have new features.
  2. Someone can deny this for existing users ? Studio on MSA to Subscription: pay slighty more, loose perpetual license. Studio on MSA to continue perpetual: loose Cineversity, 14 day web check, unclear price for upgrades… Prime, Broadcast etc, get perpetual Studio R21 w 14 day web check, pay much more for next upgrades. “Perpetual” now come with a caveat, it needs to phone home every 14 days. So it is perpetual if MAXON has the server working…i remind that Autodesk just stopped serving their "perpetual" software more than 3 years old. Out of this mess the only ones that seem to apparently win seem those that are new to the game that have a rent price significantly better than Max or Maya… excluding those that can have Max and Maya Indie. cross posted from cgsociety.
  3. You probably can have a sort of paper behaviour using map weights to define the areas that fold. Your animation looks okay but it is also fast so no one can really perceive if it is cloth or paper.
  4. Thanks. Will look into them and report.
  5. Can't be, sorry to not have said the specifics before, the model must be made to match the image even if there is camera deformation and everything -which will be a building- this is to test Cinema 4D for video mapping.
  6. Thanks, that implies background image must be in a 3D plane isn't it?
  7. Hello all. In Max there is a one click option were with viewport set to look via a scene camera i can zoom in and out without changing camera properties(which can stay protected) . it is ideal to model some real building from picture or animation of it. How to accomplish this in Cinema?
  8. New here. I also appreciate if you can upload them teknow.

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