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  1. Under project settings (Ctrl+D) it's possible to set key interpolation to spline, linear and step which I afraid answers my question already, but hope dies last... could it be possible somehow? What exactly I mean by that? For example when I work with different type of keys and curves (linear, step and spline) and I want the keys I set automatically take previous keyframe interpolation into consideration and set next key accordingly. Linear keys will recieve linear keys and step curves step keys etc. It's very common in other 3d animation packages also. It's just really annoying to fix th
  2. I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to control color inside a shader for multiple objects. One way I got it working was to use user data to create "color groups" (set an integer 0,1,2 etc) and then call those groups with RS Integer User Data and set desired colors with Color Layer node (RS Integer User Data as selector). This works well with fewer objects, but when there are more, it's quite annoying to add all the user data entries one by one for each object (because C4D does not all to add User Data for multiple objects, unfortunately...or is there a way?). The
  3. Thanks a lot Igor, this is exactly the thing I was looking for, works really well and it was all the time right under my nose! Some quick tips I found for Lighting Tool also.
  4. Hi, this Place Highlight tool looks really simple and useful, I tried to look for it, but I couldn't find any trace that this has been done for C4D. Main idea of the plugin is that you select your light and and click from the render camera onto the geometry where would you like the highlight be and it aligns (rotates) the light automatically instead of adding nulls for targets and manually navigating (or placing it through viewport mode Do you agree, would it be useful? Maybe someone have seen something like this? Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm trying to figure understand what kind of animation Mograph Cloner accepts for Time Offset to work when using Effectors (not playing all at the same time). It's bit like an inner monologue, but maybe someone also finds this information useful and could add from their side. I tried to find more specific answers from the manual, but unfortunately I could not find too much information about it. Here is what I've experience so far (in Instance mode): + Position, Scale, Rotation for animated objects and hierarchies (NB: PSR for objects in first hierarchy level wil
  6. Hrvoje, thank you, that was exactly the solution I was looking for...so cool 8)
  7. I would like to apply those to randoms to cloner (clones). I'm testing the last version, R20.
  8. Hi. I'm trying to figure out how could I make random effector use stepped values (like 10, 20, 30) instead of all the values between, kind of snap to grid effect (exploring isometric geometry and illusions). Thank you!
  9. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to set up interval move for effector position. I have grid of object and I would like move each row at different time but with same interval, for example 1 sec hold and then 10cm move to right, all rows with time offset. Would be cool if I could incorporate somehow globally, but It would also work out if I just set plain effector with falloff set to match one row...I could key it, but would it be there a way to set up it somehow more intelligently? Thank you,
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