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  1. sorry about takin so much time to reply. I think that maybe it's better just to install it all again. I checked the link, thanks a lot but it is already linked as you may see. (I'll leave here also 2 screenshots,.. one of them before this suddent problem (where I can actually preview). the other file more recent, in black, as all the ones I save now. If I copy the old file, the preview remains the same, but if I save over it, turns black too. or if I save over a old one. - all new saves) Thanks a lot! really!
  2. It's in the right place. Is it possible that it's not "going there" anymore (since it used to work until now). how do I know if it's associated ?
  3. hi!! thanks for the help @HSrdelic !!! Still haven't try that possibility out because I'm in a hurry on this project so don't have that much time, but I will as soon as I can! I was trying to not need that xD I'll let you know. Do you think that it's the only way to solve it at this point? or that it will at all?
  4. Hi! When I used to save my files, I used to be able to preview it in the saved file as the one named "NEWteste_cenario". But today .c4d r19 (student license) crashed and now when I save something the thumbnail is saved as black thumbnail on the file "gravity_explode". I have already gone to Proj Info - preview image - and also shows as black when it's not what's in the project. And now any new created file or any that already exists, if I save something new it turns black. Can anyone help me please! ps. I have a macbook. also found this article but it fixes this problem for window not macOS. https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/r18-no-longer-shows-project-thumbnail-image-on-windows/1819051/2?fbclid=IwAR3GxEaPTapjJF7XAQ8qRXXwjgQ_d-Y7sOHDJX28KJA_Sg00IZaiZmUS4XA & this for macOS but the file exists in the right place. Don't know why it stopped after a year working. Thanksbut
  5. @Rectro because it's a file created with the software and I wanted to be sure. I'm not a lucky person and crazy inexplicable things are kinda my thing ahahahah. Afraid that it could eliminate everything related to the software even the files I'm workin'on.... xD Thanks, Thanks a lot! :) Sónia
  6. @Rectro it was from techlimits/MAXON the reply that I attached about having only one version. The Project folder I referred was from: "You should be saving your works into their own project folders in a location where you..." I'm saving in my own projects folders, where I'm working created by me. Sorry for confusing you. Sonia
  7. thanks @Rectro!!! (attached) From what they told me that I cannot have 2 student licenses at the same time (and I don't benefit i guess because I only need one xD and don't want to be occupying more space). - But they didn't tell me if uninstalling would make me loose everything, and I was afraid so. I rather uninstall and delete everything from the software (not my files included), and install the new one. Also because I don't need 2 and don't have plug ins installed as well (if you have free ones to recommend I'll appreciate that). and Yeah I have them in my project folder so from what I understood it will be all ok :) I don't find the uninstaller, I checked the manual and (I attached it:) Thank you so much!!!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new here,.. I have a really big doubt. I have student licence R18 but I want to update to the new license I have "R19". If i go to "preferences" on cinema4d and erase the folder selected (or even the main one "MAXON" where the one that poped it is in) will it erase my working files too? Or only the software and it's preferences being ready to install the new one? Thanks in advance!



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