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  1. Just like that, except a little more exaggerated. Meaning, when the ends are stretched, it gets noticeably thin in the middle, and the opposite when pressed together. I am making a synovial joint for a medical animation and they behave very similarly. The joint is part of a much larger rig. I need to put the 'wrapping' (the synovial joint/chinese finger trap situation) around the two ends of the joints. So no interweaving sections or diamond whatsits. This video is dim but does it pretty well And a picture of your basic synovial joint, with two ends of a bone and
  2. I'd like to set up a chinese finger trap rig where if I pull the two opposing goals, the middle trap gets stretched and thin in the middle and its ends follow either goal. And, if the goals are pressed together, the trap bulges and squashes. I know I can use squash and stretch on the trap to get the general effect, but what I really want is for it to happen based on how i animate the goals. I'm posting in newbies because i'm not even sure what this may fall under (maybe we could do this with modifiers? maybe it's better off in xpresso? or maybe some kind of dynamics...) -And I'm a lurker/
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