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  1. christhorn

    Combine cloner cubes

    Great, thanks for that! The reason I started off cloning a cube object as opposed to polymodeling was because initially I thought I might model a cobblestone or paving slab and clone that. But at the scale I'm working, and considering the resolution of my 3D printer, polymodeling in the manner you've demonstrated will be perfectly adequate. I just imported the model into the 3D printer software, and it looks like it'll handle it just fine. The "gaps" between the extruded blocks are merged where appropriate (see pic). Thanks again for your help! Chris
  2. christhorn

    Combine cloner cubes

    Ah sorry about that, I've corrected it now - it's R18 Studio. Chris
  3. christhorn

    Combine cloner cubes

    Hi there, I'm trying to model a board game piece that resembles an uneven road surface. My idea was to create a cube primitive and then clone it using MoGraph Cloner and a plane with a shader texture. I've created the uneven surface that I want, and I've created another cube primitive beneath it to match the resulting X and Z dimensions of the Cloner object. How do I join all of the objects together into a single mesh? I've tried various combinations of Boole and Connect, as well as a third-party plugin called Magic Merge, but none of them give me the correct result. Ultimately my goal is to export an STL for 3D printing. Thanks for reading, any help is greatly appreciated. Chris Road.c4d
  4. christhorn

    Lofting two spline masks along a spline

    Ah I see, great! I think the intermediate forms will do the job nicely. Thank you so much for your help on this, I appreciate you taking the time. All the best, Chris
  5. christhorn

    Lofting two spline masks along a spline

    That is amazing, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to help me out! That's really close to what I'm after! I didn't think of making the loft straight and then bending it. I guess the major difference now between what I initially created in SolidWorks and what you've put together in Cinema is the way in which the "crease" that begins at the "8"-shaped profile propagates along the loft. In your Cinema example it starts off as a sharp "V", and spreads out towards the outer two corners of the rectangle-shaped profile. In my SolidWorks version, the crease diminishes as it progresses toward the rectangle-shaped profile. SW: C4D: How might I go about controlling this? Many thanks, Chris
  6. christhorn

    Lofting two spline masks along a spline

    Wow thank you so much for making an example! I kind of understand what you're saying in points 1 and 2 - I need to digest what you've said and see if I can get it to work myself. My stumbling block with the "straight" loft at the moment is related to having the correct number of segments on each profile. Do I have to convert the spline masks into splines in order to be able to loft them as I require? I'll have a play with it all this evening and post back my result if I can get it working! Thanks again, Chris
  7. I'm trying to create a loft between two profiles with the loft following a path, but I'm not sure I'm tackling it in the best way. I've attached the file to this post. I have 10 years' experience of using SolidWorks daily, but I've found C4D is a completely different ball game. I've only been using it a few days so apologies for the profound lack of knowledge! The following picture kind of illustrates what I'm trying to achieve: I have created two spline mask objects (the two profiles I want to loft between), and an arc that the inside of the loft must follow. In the background of the image is the resulting object that I want to create (an STL import from SolidWorks). When I create a loft object and then make the two profiles children of that object, the result is very messy; there's a bit of a twist as the loft goes from one profile to the other. Also, although I found using spline masks seems like an easy way to create the profiles I'm after, I need the two sharp corners of the rectangular profile and the single sharp corner of the other profile to be filleted at 0.25mm. I can't see a way to do this using spline masks as I have. What's the best way to create the loft? Thanks very much for reading. Chris R9.zip