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  1. I was playing with XP4 all day yesterday. So far have only tried a few of the new functions as I am still learning XP in general. The Splineflow is awesome. Already had some really nice effects. Tried also with the VDB mesher and rendered with Cycles4D using reflective, refractive and other surface types and all seems fine. Good results so far though didn't push the particle count to get that smooth water look. The Strange Effectors and FlowField are cool and fun to play with. Can get some really exciting results. Also used the new VDB mesher on these along with other material types and all seems good. Loving the new Gravity Newton modifier. So fun to play with, but the simulation has to play for a long time before getting some great results. I tried the exPlosiaFX and though the quick test I did (sphere in domain) was fast and worked well, I just struggled to render it. Tried following the smoke and fire setups, as well as the tutorial from cycles4d, though Mario from Insydium has said the new Cycles update will be here soon that will fix the Explosia FX rendering.
  2. Can't wait to receive my update email. Just noticed (and watched all btw) the new video manual updates; https://insydium.ltd/support/video-manuals/x-particles-video-manual/
  3. Updates to the FAQ regarding 3rd party renderers, ExplosiaFX and FuidFX stepping. I am sure lots of people will be happy with this; http://insydium.uk/x-particles-4-pricing-faqs/
  4. Totally agree. I have also heard that the render engine support is often down to the developers rather than XP and Insydium, though who knows if information needs to be passed over to access certain parameters. I've just bought Cycles4D so I will definitely be looking into your tutes. Thanks for those.
  5. I totally understand you and agree also, though, at the end of the day, they are a company releasing a new product. Maybe they are keeping all the goodies to tie in directly with Cycles4D to try to get more sales for that and the integration it has is a massive selling point. Maybe it all does tie in with other renderers and they want to leave this as a final peak on their Monday snippets, or until the launch comes on Tuesday. It would be a massive plus for users to have the option of other renderers, obviously. But everyone's expectation is a little needy to "want" everything now. I am sure it will come in due time. The update hasn't even been released yet and we are asking for what is in the present before unwrapping it?! I would rather wait to see what comes. I mean look at all the major points being released on this, even if it only ties in currently with the built-in renderer or Cycles4D it will still be amazing.
  6. Wow. This looks amazing. Yet another element to have fun with in XP4.
  7. I also wanted to know if the new XP4 will be compatible with Redshift, though with the Black Friday sale of Cycles (40%) I decided to buy that as we know it will integrate out of the box with the new upgrades. Insydium haven't said what it can or can't do etc and they don't need to. They are showing us sneak peaks, and we will know more when it comes out next week. Don't understand why everyone is being childish saying what they should or shouldn't say and do. At the end of the day this is a massive update and the first iteration of the new ExplosiaFX and we should all be happy about the amazing things that we can do with that. I have only just joined the XP party (thanks to all the new stuff in v4 tempting me to make the purchase) and am loving 3.5, though the possibilities are mind blowing and everyone should just be happy and excited for the things we have currently seen in the previews. Who knows what they haven't revealed yet.