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  1. Thanks for replying, Deck. The cubes were simply to explain my problem of missing uniform line thickness and make sure I didn't pollute testing variables with my actual messy scenes/geometry. For my needs, I only prefer to render inside lines of the overall shape of the geometry and given some objects are sloppy mesh imports, Edges wouldn't work for me, unfortunately. I installed the CV Artsmart but haven't fully looked into CV Splines. I'm okay with working with the path exports to AI because there are tools to help with that as long as the tools exported the lines and faces. I've entertained manually sketching splines and using Sketch n Toon, but for basic shadeless objects with single uniform line thickness, it seems pointless to use S&T at that point and for me to not get a Studio license. I've tried sketching splines with polygon snapping on as well but even with the Spline Smooth set to Projection, I had splines going through polygon surfaces. So, I'm at a loss for what I can do in C4D.
  2. Hi, I'm experiencing issues with the Sketch n Toon lines/strokes where two edges meet in the same space. The line thickness appears to double or more. If the line thickness setting is exaggerated to 8-10+ then it isn't noticeable as much but I need a basic 1 or 2 thickness. My expectation is to have one line in appearance. I've read the docs up and down, tried Render/Self-Blend/Average, Resolution Independent etc. but nothing is working. Attached is a sample scene with 3 blocks. Originally, I had the same Sketch tag applied to each cube, which did have a different effect on how the edges along the purple block render, but the lines all had the same inconsistencies where the edges meet. My only need for jumping up to Studio is to get basic lines via S&T (and export to Illustrator), so I hope this is operator error, otherwise, I have no other worthwhile option. I appreciate any help. Thank you. sketchtoon-line_thickness_intersection_issues.c4d
  3. Hello, Is there a method for "flattening" or merging a mesh down to the perceived silhouette/outline (2D)? For export, I'd prefer not to rely on S&T if possible. As an aside, I've brought in 3rd party DXFs that are flattened in appearance but they still maintained inside edges. I'm not sure if there's something to look into there. Thanks!
  4. Good day, I have been using the Cel Renderer effect in C4D Lite just fine, but one of the meshes that I've imported have the same issue. I just noticed now when I add something like a cylinder which has a circle outline in the middle, the cel renderer ignores that edge and simply does the outline. My settings only include Color and Outline, not Edges. If I include Edges, it'll include each and every edge so it's virtually pointless for the gist of a cel rendering. I noticed certain geometry that I import are more friendly with lines in the "right" area. Is this simply because they typically are separate objects with outlines? I'm only using the renderings as a reference for illustration. I appreciate any insight. Cheers~
  5. Yeah, unfortunately, I don't think C4D Lite has Connect + Delete. :( So far, what I've found is, I can convert any Instances to objects, break down all of the groups (shift + G), select all the nulls and delete. This gives me mostly a flat object with no stray nulls to worry about, and from there I can group it all back up to run Axis Center. That'll give me an object with the axis in the center. I would hope there was an easier way without destroying the Nulls so that those can still be manipulated later if need be — just with their d@m# axis in the center.
  6. I tried: select null, set position coords to 0 for World/Object (Abs)/Object (Relative) or select null, set null coords to 0 or select null, set axis center with children and all objects selected The left flap is instanced but I'm not concerned with it because I can convert its current state to an object and remove all the instances (for now, anyway).
  7. Thanks for replying. I can manually reposition the axis gadget to a rough center but to do that on every single null would be rough and not accurate to true center.
  8. Thanks all for the feedback. In the last sample scene, if I select either of those stray objects (one is an instance, the other a null), hit L, set XYZ to 0, it repositions the mesh (in this case, one of the mudflaps). :*(
  9. Here's another random model I imported that has much worse issues. A few nulls are so far off that I only found them by hitting O. I've done everything but I couldn't get those along w/the other nulls to properly align the axis to the overall object's center. axiscenter-bad.c4d
  10. If I drag the X slider in Axis Center with all objects selected, it moves the entire object, which I don't want. My end goal is to use an imported model (with whatever sloppy nulls, bad organization) and have a single object that is can be properly framed to the center. It's only for a visual reference — I won't be animating or doing much at all other than rotating the camera or overall object.
  11. This isn't the exact scene file but it shares the same basic problem of stray nulls that move the object to realign w/the axis rather than the other way around (and so on). axiscenter.c4d
  12. Hello all. I'm losing my mind. No matter what I do, I cannot get the axis to reposition to the center of a null object using Axis Center. I've toggled Enable Axis Modification, tried Include Children and Select all objects in the Axis Center option. It ALWAYS moves the mesh rather than the axis repositioning. If I hit undo, C4D sometimes restores prior to the axis adjustment but more often than not, I can undo back to the beginning of time and it could care less. I have to reimport the object. On certain objects, the Axis Center or Center to Parent operations work fine. I'm hoping it's user operator error but I give up. I'm using C4D Lite R19.009 with an imported Collada file. Cheers!
  13. @Cerbera Holy guacamole! That's the nicest thing anyone's done for me all year. Thanks a lot! I was on the right track but your sharp change keyframes flipping through three targets really helped. I made an attempt to raise the carrier after it's been picked up and lower it later before it's dropped off. I matched the strength to the same timing as the pickup/dropoff. It's pretty cool, although, at the end, it isn't the smoothest transition because it jumps back so perhaps my keyframes are off or something. I also changed the priority of Expression to 1 because the load was lagging behind as I scrubbed. I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do, especially in this case, but it seemed to work as far as that goes. I attached it in case you wanted to take a look, and if anyone in the future needs a reference. Thanks again! pickup-drop off.c4d
  14. Thanks, @Cerbera ! I was actually just writing now to say I made some improvements and one of which is adding the lifting object to a null so it can operate independently, so thanks for clarifying that. Right now, I am just working with two blocks to simplify things and have the second block sitting on top of the 'lifter' using the Constraint: Clamp tag. It works well, especially after I read in the help file I could target a Polygon Selection. My current conundrum is having a start and end position because the picked up cube is staying for the ride the entire loop I'll see what I can do to wrangle the nulls somehow to get a starting and stopping point for the clamping/positioning. That's pretty cool a fellow cafe member created that tutorial!



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