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  1. panicandy

    Working between C4D and AE

    I have fixed my issue with the .aec file, I updated my cinema 4d to after effects plugin. I tried making the entire ship a null but this isn't working for my idea. I would like to attach a invisible object (like a null in AE) to my ship in C4D so I can use it in AE and add say a particle trail. I cannot seem to find the thrusters as individual objects so I cannot add a external compositing tag to them, I need to choose the 3D position to export. I can add a picture if that helps. Thanks. Update: I have used xpresso to attach a null to a thruster via a point node, it is sticking in Cinema, but I also added external compositing for this new null and it is not working correctly in AE, it is like as if the position cannot update quick enough (need more keyframes or more change) Also realized that I would like scale to work (my scene is the jet flying past into the distance) so I am trying to composite on a thrust effect, but it appears scale is not keyframed.
  2. panicandy

    Working between C4D and AE

    Thanks for the advice, I am going to render 720p for my testing, and I will try to find some tutorials. I will look into using AE for DOF, do I need to use AO and GI together for final render? I added a external compositing tag to my ship (a null with the ship comprised of 5 parts underneath), but whenever I try and open it in After Effects its a blank .aec (3kb size) file with a camera and it's resolution is 800x600 & 3s long, whereas my render resolution is 1280x720 and I am rendering a range of 30 frames from my project, not sure what I am doing wrong.
  3. Hi, I am learning how to create animations in cinema then composite in AE, I now have a very basic animation of a jet flying ( ) I now would like to export this into AE and have a few questions about doing so. Firstly which renderer should I use? I have been using physical as I would like to have motion blur for the jet, but it is much slower than standard. I'm not sure about render settings either, have left them at default and am exporting OpenEXR frames and planned to add AO and GI for final render. Also how can I find out what camera settings to use to achieve realistic motion blur and DOF? Also I'm not sure which multi-pass options I should be considering, I would like to composite on my jet to add thrust/glow. If I added thrust, or an explosion how I could get the environment to react to this lighting. I think I need to use the compositing tag and export a AEC with 3D data. Thanks for the help.
  4. panicandy

    Animating a jet fighter in Cinema 4D

    Thanks, I downloaded your file and in my project I copied my spline and used the points to control the banking, I think that is a good way to do it. I have other newbie questions, I am trying to learn how to work between Cinema 4D and after effects, I understand you can multi-pass render from cinema then composite on each layer for advanced things. However I am trying to create a scene with a jet flying around and would like to know how I could put a stock footage explosion in 3D space, so if the camera was moving the explosion is at a fixed point. How would I do this in Cinema or After Effects? Also I am not sure how to achieve accurate motion blur for my project and whether I should use depth of field, also I'm not sure of render settings, at the moment I am rendering 720p for testing but I'm not sure whether I need amient occlusion, GI or how I can control anti-aliasing, I think it is 4x by default. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I am trying to learn how to animate a jet fighter in Cinema 4D, inspired by Star Wars (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sarFZJl3h0) I have been told that the best way to get this type of animation is to animate the jet fighter and camera by hand and use the curve editor. This makes sense as curves can ease the animation to use acceleration and deceleration to give the feeling of realism. So I started by animating the jet from point A to point B by making 2 position keyframes, it was interpreted as a line and I changed it to a curve using the curve editor in the timeline. I was also hand animating the rotation using the automatic keyframing, but it feels very tedious. I noticed that if I use aline to path on my jet, it is horizontally & vertically pointing in the right direction, but it does not bank in the turns. I've seen other threads mentioning 3rd party plugins, not sure of the best way to achieve this type of animation in Cinema 4D. Thanks for your help.