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  1. Help with normals

    Then I guess what I was doing wrong was not holding SHIFT, because other than that I tried it for like an hour and never got anywhere. In doing so however, I also learned several other things, so it wasn't a complete waste of time....will give it a shot to see what happens.
  2. Help with normals

    Back on this project. I can't get the wall straight....it seems to be because of THIS edge I have selected right here, but I can't figure out how to align it with the rest of the face. I get confused with the Axis and Orientation options - it seems to be upside down...
  3. Help with normals

    Yes, I think that's perfect - the shape of the head that is. The shaft of the rivet is indeed unnecessary for my purposes. The head however is perfect and it's precisely what I'm aiming for. The hole is a bit too big though now :)) Texturing is another thing we'll have to discuss later at one point or another and this has indeed crossed my mind, as the rivets would need to be of slightly different color and whatnot, so I did consider making them separately at one point, though I wasn't sure if this would be the right way to do things. I then run into alignment challenges and stuff...
  4. Help with normals

    Just a round rivet head in there - what I made was pretty close, just to give you an idea. Imagine a sliced sphere. It's THIS. I'll require rivet heads like those in various places along my project, so it's a good idea to learn how to make one, so I can then hopefully create them on any type of surface. Thanks again.
  5. Help with normals

    Will have a mess around tomorrow to see what happens. Was I close to getting the rivet head right too ? I also want to get that out of the way :))
  6. Help with normals

    Never even noticed that and had a hard time even figuring out where that part is in my mesh :)) It's looking down on it. Are we talking about those two cuts near the top and bottom lips of the main "cylinder" we mentioned earlier, that I never got about to do ? I didn't forget them - I just left them for later so they shall be done to get it over with. So, to do list: Straighten the wall Add control cuts to both the cylinder hole and the pocket hole oh and of course..... make the other rivet as well :)) Funnily enough, you didn't criticize my belly button rivet head thing too much - the part which I was expecting to get the most reprimand :))
  7. Help with normals

    Ok. I much prefer giving you the file so you can mess around with it, flip it around and go in and out small spaces a screen capture isn't able to...well, capture (pun intended) :)) It's probably very messy in there, so be prepared to flip out, since it's far from perfect like I said. One thing you won't be proud of is how I made the rivet head - it's almost certain it's wrong despite not having n-gons or triangles (that's not enough for something to be "pro"). I shall indeed add some control cuts along the edges of the "tunnel" to make it less round. Cyl.c4d
  8. Help with normals

    Well I managed to make.....something :)) Have a look. It's ugly as all hell, but the only reason for that is because I was a bit too zealous and tried adding like a rivet head in the bottom of that hole all on my own and it sort-of worked but it's pretty oval-ish, so it's more like a belly button than a rivet :)) Below is the mesh up close (horrible, I know) and below that is how it would be visible to the camera when ready to render the final project, since this thing is part of something bigger - the camera would look at it from very far away and would never get as close as in the first snapshot. I think it's safe to say that from that distance (perhaps even further away) it's not visible (although it kinda makes me feel like it's the "half-assed" job attitude...cutting corners, you know.....). No worries: I can always go back to the basic shape and start from scratch. It was just an exercise. I used the earlier method of inner-extruding the side polygon, dragging the resulting "ring" of edges back into the mesh, deleting the poly on the face corresponding to the hole, so I uncover the "tunnel" and then the HN (see, I'm getting the hang of things) takes care of the rounding. I was even able to make loop control cuts INSIDE this "tunnel" no problem, but I found out it's actually not critical because I WANT the edge to be rounded rather than "hard". I also believe I haven't got any triangles or n-gons in there which is what we've discussed last time. Cheers.
  9. Help with normals

    While on the subject: an N-GON is a polyGON which has N number of faces, right ? (wikipedia LOL). If so, aren't "quads" technically N-gons too? 4 sided ones ? How come they're regarded as "bad" or at least less ideal ?
  10. Help with normals

    Yes of course. I'm not asking you to do them for me in the first place, it's just that you were overly kind to do some of the shapes for me so far...that's why I said, if you recall, that I don't quite feel nice about it- it's like cheating :)) I had a go with the boole which is pretty much perfect and the mess-around in the second version....will see which one turns out best. The second one is acceptable but the edges of the hole are too round and adding control cuts would be difficult because it creates triangles (I quickly tried it at one point)....so I guess I'll push on.
  11. Help with normals

    Apparently they're called "pocket holes" and I actually managed to find a real example HERE. You got the idea, though.
  12. Help with normals

    Yes, you're right, it's incorrect as far as the depth of the hole goes because I actually bored it all the way through. Again, in real life, if you tried to put a bolt in there to bolt the block to a wall, it wouldn't actually hold anything, since it would just come out the other end. The "tunnel" should only go in a little bit to accommodate the head but not all the way through like I did it there. I'm now thinking of real objects that have that sort of cut for the screw to go through so I can hopefully snap a picture and send it to you :D
  13. Help with normals

    The boole one looks exactly as it should, that's why I said it LOOKS fine but may be unprofessional due to the use of boole, as you concurred :)
  14. Help with normals

    I tried something on my own while I was waiting for your response and I managed to obtain THIS....ok so it's probably not correct, but it was a bold attempt :)) Yes, I know it's square for one thing and requires a lot more work so the subdivision surface doesn't mess it up, but I tried. Selected the side of the hook thing we modeled earlier, extrude inner, grab the edges of the resulting surface, pull those towards the back while holding CTRL and hey-ho we got a hole....I thought I was all done LOL (nope :)) ), but then turned on the subdiv and although not horrible, the edges of the hole are WAY too round. Also, I WAS able to obtain the shape you created (the surface being indeed flat), but I scrapped it because it's not what I need. If you look close enough, realistically, the boole one comes closer to real life. Like if I were to try and mount this block thing to a wall by putting a bolt through the holes you made, the head wouldn't sit flush with the bottom of the hole - the screw head would sit at an angle because the hole's axis is parallel to the side, not to the base at the back (which is how it is in the boole one). I'm not saying the boole SHOULD be used just because of that, it's just that it's how it should LOOK to give you an idea of what I'm trying to make :D I believe some control cuts need to be made to perhaps improve the one I made but it's late now, I'll work on it some other time. Keep in touch and thanks for your time once again - HIGHLY appreciated :) Cheers.
  15. Help with normals

    Great. Got it ! Let's take it to the next level (sorry if I'm pushing it): I want to bore two holes in this thing to add screws. The way I did it, which is definitely not professional IMO, is I took a cylinder, threw it in a boole object and positioned it where I want it. While it DOES do what I need, I don't think it will win any awards for best hole in C4D :)) I watched some tutorials on how to do it WITHOUT the boole, but my surface is slightly more tricky to work with because it's at an angle. How would one go about creating a round hole in a slanted surface like THAT ? Looks hard enough to do... Thanks again.