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  1. Making textures change randomly

    Ok guys, update: I installed quicktime and now upon loading an MP4 file, the frame counters do show up (they're no longer 0) but the video's still black...
  2. Making textures change randomly

    I'll probably go down the easy route, which is composing the video in an external editor and loading it pre-made for the sake of time, but for the sake of learning and building skills, I might come back to it at some point, no doubt about it...not really on a deadline or anything - it's just for my own personal entertainment - though it would be nice if it didn't take all year either :))
  3. Making textures change randomly

    Well someone suggested I'd use Xpresso and I figured I'd look into it. Didn't look too deep though, like I said. I thought perhaps it could randomly switch between a video, static (perhaps a video file also) and maybe other videos too (like the TVs changing channels), since I ASSUME it's just a matter of getting it going and then you can tell it to mess around with as many textures as possible.
  4. Making textures change randomly

    MP4 is what most of my files are in so it's mostly a convenience thing...yeah, they can be converted no doubt, but I reckon that would fill a folder with an image for each individual frame which would be very large...is this true ? I was thinking of doing it in post indeed, but I'm not sure how I'd go about telling my editor to replace just that one portion of the screen, since the scene is "moving", so the screens of the TVs will always be in a different place....powerful editors can probably do tracking and stuff, but I don't think I'm up to the challenge of learning a new editor just for 20 seconds of intro :)) Had a look at Xpresso to at least get an idea of what it does - it can get extremely complicated, but I got the general idea: a parameter changes others. How would this apply to textures though ? I saw the guy using it for sizes and stuff...
  5. Making textures change randomly

    Not really in a hurry but not entirely dependent on this one effect either. I could just keyframe an occasional texture change...at least I think it can be done - I saw the little keyframe dot near the texture file entry (you hold CTRL and click on it to add it to the timeline), so I'm guessing it would be possible to do it the hard way. It's only a few seconds (around 10, if not less), so no need to complicate things too much. The rig is fairly slow for this kind of work, so rendering might be an issue as well....
  6. Making textures change randomly

    I don't have quicktime installed ATM indeed, so I'll give it a go. That's most likely it....strange - I thought it was because of the codecs or something, despite having K-lite installed, which was all the more annoying since I'm able to play back all the formats on the planet on the PC but not load MP4s in C4D :))
  7. Making textures change randomly

    That's basically what I wanted, though it's still not done native in C4D I reckon. Still, I'm having trouble getting MP4s to work...
  8. Making textures change randomly

    Doesn't C4D accept MP4s as textures ? I saw a tutorial where it worked, but all I get is a black texture and 0 frames...AVIs work just fine :|
  9. Good day folks. I was wondering if there's a way to make the texture on an object/surface change randomly. More specifically, I'm modelling a TV and I want to make the screen area look like one of those old TVs trying to tune in a channel and occasionally going through static or other channels before finally settling on one. Is there a way to do such thing ? I tried using video as texture and it works, so I'd like it to jump around between several videos I want to display - that's the idea....maybe go through some static every now and then, which I've achieved in the past by using the "noise". Cheers and thanks.
  10. Scale not animating

    Just noticed the cube for object mode has a little filmstrip next to it, so it makes sense what you just said....at least I think it's a filmstrip, with my 4K monitor it's kinda small and had to go in there with a magnifying glass :)) Thanks again.
  11. Scale not animating

    Can I then STAY in object mode for other operations like moving or rotating ? I tried it out on a backup file I made and it seemed to have no ill-side effects. For some reason, I messed up my project and the letters ended up somewhere I didn't want them...dunno why, but anyway, I'll have to revert to the latest save I have, which is right before I started animating, which is not that far back, but still a lot to recover...thanks anyway.
  12. Scale not animating

    I think I got it, sorry for asking so fast without doing prior research: click and hold on the little "cube icon" for "model mode" in the top-left and a small drop-down appears and under there there's ANOTHER option, "object mode", select that and it now seems to work...am I doing it right or will this mess up something else further down the line ?
  13. Good day folks. I'm having a pretty annoying issue with C4D and can't figure out if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong: it's about animating the scale of an object. Sounds super simple, right ? I'd first click on the key icon below the timeline to record the current scale and position and whatever. I'd then advance the timeline to where I want the thing to grow/shrink, scale it up/down and click the key again....however, it's not working :| The two keys DO appear on the timeline, but the scale doesn't change: it remains to whatever the first key was set at. What's up with this ? What am I doing wrong ? I'm trying to animate letters part of a word MoText. I made the phrase editable then messed around with the individual letters. The position and rotation animate correctly, but not the scale....why ? I had this issue before but have no idea how I managed to overcome it TBH...any thoughts ? Yes, the scale option is enabled to the right of the key icon. Cheers and thanks.
  14. Here's the render settings at default, with nothing altered. Reflection depth was not at 15 though, it's at 5. I dropped it even lower, to 2. Let's look at the scene. Again, probably many things wrong here, but I did it "by eye" rather than "by rules" so to saTy. Camera starts off at the far end of the corridor, zooms in, door opens and we're in...let's stay outside for now :)) I found the best trick for creating the corridor without creating enormous planes was to use the "floor" object which is infinite, regardless of its actual size (image 1 viewed from the default camera). I slapped those on either side of the door, using the coordinates manager as much as possible to make it seem as professional as possible. The end result looks like this from the camera's view.... Those ceiling lamps: didn't bother too much with them. The "fixture" itself is nothing more than a poly and I placed a light above it. To avoid using a cloner here I used the "duplicate" feature. The effect looks OK to the untrained eye, though I'm sure that's not how you model a light in C4D...practice, practice, practice. I actually like the slight shadows cast on the ceiling there - that was a bit of an unexpected result, but all the better :D The door: It's a print-screen captured from the IRR so that's why it looks pretty awful, just to give you an idea of what's going on. It's not supposed to be black like that - it's supposed to be brushed steel....yeah, whatever, I know, I tried :)) It looks way better when fully rendered, with all the fancy settings "turned on", but again: VERY slow - would take, I estimate at least a week for those 10-15 seconds of animation, it's silly :)) Seems to go slightly faster with just that one change I made, so let's keep going. Yes, I too admit that I'd like to get it to look absolutely gorgeous, but I probably bit off more than I could chew, or rather more than my machine could chew....anyway. Cheers and thanks.
  15. Ok, now we're getting somewhere :D I shall mess around when I get home, see what results I get.