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  1. Yes, I know, at first glance it looks perfect: the whole object is yellow (if that's what you mean by "correct normals"). I saved it after I somehow got all the faces to "face the same way" and be all yellow as I like to say, but I'm sure you noticed that as soon as you try to bevel the thing, one of the sides just snaps back to being blue Yes, there are obviously many things wrong with it, so yes, I did consider starting from scratch which is what I'll probably end up doing anyway. Now about the shape you pictured, couple of things I want to know: is the one you created obtained and recovered from what I sent you or is a fresh object created from scratch ? This is so I don't struggle like a moron with the existing model when in reality it should be done from scratch (which is what I'll do anyhow).... Secondly, that's the shape I had in mind too originally and although it seemed like a simple task in my head, I couldn't find a straightforward way to do it, so I made a thing that LOOKED like it, but wasn't actually IT.
  2. Yes I do, but I'm still considering whether it's worth the headache.... Had a mess around myself and I think I may be on to something, but I won't know until I see it being done. It's part of a file which contains various other f-ups, so I copied just the object in question into a new file - hope that didn't affect anything..... Cyl.c4d
  3. Yes I know it's tougher this way, so your patience is much appreciated :D Also watched the vid you provided again - have seen it before in one of my other "quests" :)) So I'm in point mode, select knife, set it in loop mode, alright, all good up to this point. I have done it before, but what am I cutting exactly ? What am I looking for ? If I choose loop selection, I can see the white loop encircling the "footprint" of the yellow area, but not the blue area. I'm assuming the goal is to have this line go all around the object somehow (I'm using plain language here rather than buzz words, since I reckon you call that "line" an "edge loop" in pro slang).
  4. Thanks, but naah, that wouldn't be right. I want to do be able to do it myself :D Yes I know it's more daunting this way, since the solution is probably really simple and it only takes a couple of clicks, but that's all the more reason to struggle on my own.
  5. I know about the knife tool and the loop mode (having watched some vids like you said), but what would the end result be ? Where exactly should I cut the thing ? It's backed up, so I'm not afraid to experiment at this point :))
  6. Thanks for your reply first of all. How would I go about doing that ? Like I said, I haven't got much experience yet. Cheers.
  7. Good day folks. I've seen others running into this issue, but I couldn't follow along with the solutions sadly, so I'll present my own version of the problem: as you can see in the snapshot, part of that object I goofed around with is yellow and the rest is blue. When I tried beveling it slightly, the blue part turned into a horrendous mess, obviously, because it's trying to bevel towards the inside rather than outside (those sides are facing the wrong way).....looking into the issue, I can't seem to solve it at all, since even if I select that blue area and select "reverse normals", the moment I select "bevel" and try to drag, it goes back to being blue and starts bevelling in the wrong direction again......any solution to this ? It may seem like a simple task, but it took me quite some time to create that thing, despite not looking like much, with me being just a novice, so please don't tell me I have to do that all that again ! :)) As a side note, what could be causing this ? That way, I'll know to avoid it in the future..... There's probably something I'm doing wrong that caused half of that poly to flip around, since I haven't seen it happening so far.... Thanks :D

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