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  1. Hi, I'm having some issues with the content browser of the new R20 version of C4D. In R19, I used to have various folders where I put assets that I use often (especially HDRI files since it's more practical for me to have them directly in C4D instead of in various folders on my PC). I've tried to do the same thing in R20 but it didn't work as expected; I was trying to drag & drop HDRI maps like I used to do with the previous version, but the import didn't work. Either the files opened in the render window instead, or I got a loading wheel stuck on "Inquiring" and nothing happened. I am doing something wrong, or does the method of importing files to the content browser has changed in R20? I know the whole plugins section has been modified so maybe it's the same with the content browser`? EDIT: please ignore this post, I think have found the solution - instead of opening the content browser window via the menu and drag & drop the files from there, I tried by importing the files directly from the side tab of the content browser ., and it worked.
  2. sphinxmoth

    Windows 10 & C4D files thumbnails

    @Cerbera Yes it worked! Thanks a lot for posting these links, I watched the Cineversity video and I managed to get my preview thumbnails. (I had tried the command prompt method several times before, but for some reason it didn't work because I was probably doing it wrong, that's why I was looking for alternatives.) I'm sorry about the redundant post, I should have done more research before. But anyways, problem solved, thanks again!
  3. Hi, I've been searching for a solution for this but nothing that I've tried has worked so far... I recently switched to a PC running on Windows 10 for C4D work, and unlike on my Macbook Pro, the .c4d files thumbnails show the Cinema 4D logo instead of a "screenshot" that would show the last camera view before the file was closed, like it was the case on my Mac. It's starting to get a bit difficult to manage, because I have no way to preview my C4D files unless I open them in the program. I'm using the latest version of Cinema 4D. So I was wondering if there was a way to get previews for C4D files or if it's not possible in Windows? Thanks!
  4. sphinxmoth

    Displacement - material problem

    bezo: thanks a lot for testing with the connect object! Unfortunately it doesn't work in Octane (apparently displacement works differently in Octane than in the standard C4D materials interface, so I think that's why I'm having these issues). With the standard material editor from C4D it works fine (no gaps). I tested this material in Octane with various primitive objects, and I think the only one that works fine is the plane/disk, even spheres get these visible seams...that's weird.
  5. sphinxmoth

    Displacement - material problem

    I've tried, but unfortunately I can't manage to get a seamless result... It looks as if the displacement texture was applied to every face of the polygon separately (instead of the whole polygon), creating wrinkles on the edges of the faces, which makes it very difficult to align everything nicely :( That's a shame, because Octane is otherwise awesome for managing displacements in the materials channel (I don't really like using the Displacer deformer because of all the additional segments that need to be added, and make my computer lag). I'm going to see if I can find more info about that online and I'll post here if I find a solution!
  6. sphinxmoth

    Displacement - material problem

    Hi Cerbera, thanks a lot for the quick reply! I just tried the Optimize method after making the platonic shape editable, but unfortunately it didn't work... Then I did a test using the Physical renderer instead of Octane, and contrary to what I said in my first post, I didn't see the gaps between the polygon faces like when using Octane (just some weird edges when increasing the displacement height, but I guess that can be fixed more easily). After some research, it seems that it's a known issue with Octane, I've found several posts of people having the same problem. I managed to reduce the gaps by tweaking the Mid-level setting a bit and increasing the Phong angle of the polygon, but it didn't help a lot - the seams are still visible and that would be a very time consuming process to adjust all these things everytime I want to displace something else than a plane. (I had the same issue yesterday with another model made of cubes). (Apparently there's a software that corrects these problems, but it's for Windows only and I have a Mac). Here's a zip with both physical renderer & octane versions - I replaced the stone texture with a noise just so it loads more quickly :) Displacement.zip
  7. Hi, I'm a C4D beginner, and I'm having an issue when using displacement via the displacement channel when creating a material (I'm using Octane in this example). But if I'm not mistaking I had the same problem when using the C4D physical renderer. <-- EDIT: nope, after testing it works fine in the standard CD4 material editor! Basically, my problem is that as soon as I add a displacement texture/map in the channel, the polygon faces of whatever object the material is applied to get "split" apart, creating gaps, which of course I don't want. The higher the displacement settings are, the larger these gaps are. Attached are two pictures which, I hope, will help you understand the problem I'm having. The first is a basic platonic shape with some texture applied to it (no displacement), and the second one is the same platonic but with displacement added in the materials channel, with a height of about 10cm. I think when I'm using the Deformer method (instead of putting the displacement map/texture in the materials channel), I don't get that problem. But I'm not sure why, it would be great if it could work in the materials channel, especially with Octane, which is really great for managing displacement maps. Thanks a lot!