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  1. Hello, this project is done to and it's called Here's No Pleasant Town. With this link you can see the 3D animation.
  2. I think that I can continue with X particles. In the attachment file you can find a setup. It's not perfect yet but whit some adjustments it will do the trick. I think that I will animate the two outside boxes along the shape of the space and make them a target. turning wall passage Xparticles Niko.c4d
  3. thanks Maliohammad! probably a game engine is the best way to do this but at the moment I can't spend money on that. Now I'm thinking that Xparticle could be better to do this than Mograph? I'll try that out too.
  4. Hello CBR, Thanks for thinking with me. In the attachment the second test. What I did was: I made a floatspace, where the spheres could pass through at head height. I have put the wall and the floatspace in a Boole. This works. I placed this in the real space. Than I turned it vertical so the spheres would fall through the floatspace=not visible. I turned the gravity down in the project dynamics. On top I made a funnel tor the clones to fall in. I placed a scatter (cone) object after the door so they split in two directions. At the bottom there's a collect object (cone) to guide the sphere to the end door. Finally it works but is not okay yet. There is less control over the cloner objects. I think that this also has to work horizontal. But more in the way that you suggest, with attractors and maybe with gravity in horizontal direction. This I'm going to try next. I just put the attractors as a child under the rotating wall, left and right, I think that could work... How it going to look as end result, I don't know, I don't think that I will replace the sphere for a walkcycles, maybe something like faces but I don't know it yet. First I look for a system that work and then I look what is best for an end result. Up to the next test and any suggestions always welcome. turning wall passage question Niko 002.c4d
  5. Hello, after an afternoon searching with Xparticles and Mograph I can't figure it out how to do it. The idea: there is a passage and in the middle there's a slowly turning wall. In the morning people (particles or cloner object?) go to the office but they must pass the turning wall. There's one stream (morning/evening is from the other side) but people has to choose witch side of the wall they going to take just to loose no time. So I think there are two groups, one that goes to the left and the other that goes to the right. The people are coming out of the door. Sometimes when the passage is very small people are clogging up by the wall (maybe they can interact like dynamics objects?). When the passage is big enough they can go on. (maybe a person chooses to take the other way?) And of course the people cannot pass through the wall or area or just make contact with it. In the file attached I've made the scene. There's a turning wall and I've made a animated spline the way people are going to walk. I've put it in a fracture object just to add maybe some effector to it. Has somebody got a good solution for this challenge? thanks Niko turning wall passage question Niko.c4d
  6. Hi Westbam, Indeed this is a good solution, I've tested it and it works. Couldn't come up with that myself! Thank you!
  7. Hello, in the attached file i got on issue. What you see is: there are two cylinder (tree or more are maybe possible). When you move the cylinder.1 to the cloner with cube (this is placed on a landscape form) you see that the cubes of the cloner turn 180°( from green to red). Also when you move cylinder.2 to the cloner it turns the cubes 180°. But the second cylinder turns the cubes also from the falloff from the first cylinder! Is it possible that the second or third cylinder just turns the cubes to the red side, the same as the first cylinder? Actually, if one of the cylinders (or more) are close to the cubes cloner, then the cubes must turn to red (within the falloff), if they are further away they have to turn to green again. I've tried weight, reeffector... Has somebody got a possible solution for this? Thanks Niko mograph question Niko.c4d