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  1. just wondering if i can apply an alpha mask like in zbrush?
  2. any way to loop a simulation?

    my question isn't plugin-specific I just wanted to know in general if I could loop a simulation seamless. I thought maybe there was a plugin that would allow me to do such thing? (noise deformer is a third party plugin btw) so I'm guessing the only way to loop something seamlessly i would have to stop the simulation and keyframe everything manually, right?
  3. just wondering if i could make a seamless loop out of a simulation? right now I'm just using a noise deformer to let it do its thing but i can't figure out how to loop it.
  4. why is my spline closing automatically?

    I was just giving an example of a shape I was recreating with the sketch tool. the point was it would auto close the spline every time I drew something out. I'm familiar with the auto-close function. I guess it doesn't matter now that it's not happening anymore, thanks anyway.
  5. a way to snap points to grid?

    dammit!! I've been through those options a million times and I completely ignored them... thanks man! really appreciate it!
  6. would like to know if there is a way to snap my points to the grid. say i'm creating a spline and i want it to snap to the grid when i'm in whatever orthographic view i'm in, is it possible?
  7. why is my spline closing automatically?

    Fyi, it fixed it when i closed c4d but i would still wanna know what couldve caused that for the future
  8. i was just playing around with sketch and i think i pressed the wrong button and now whenever i try make an arc it just closes it automatically..