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  1. Aletsi

    Making a label

    Thank you and apologies. I’m a new one in this too.
  2. Aletsi

    Making a label

    Thank you!
  3. Aletsi

    Making a label

    You mean the native reflection system or arnold’s? Regards
  4. Aletsi

    Making a label

    Hi guys, I need to do a product shoot but the label has a special metallin ink and I don`t know how to solve this. Recently I jump to C4D and not know much about the software but I like this project cause is an opportunity to learn something new. I´ve been practicing and working with arnold and C4D R17. I`ve been trying with Layer shader but I don`t understand it. Anyone can help me, please? I would appreciate it. Here is a photo for reference. THANKS!
  5. Aletsi

    Problem with viewport

    Thank you, very much.
  6. Hi. I`m coming from Maya and I`m starting with C4D. I can`t see textures in viewport when using Arnold, if I work with Physical there is no problem, only with Arnold. I work in C4D studio R17. Arnold Here is the problem with Arnold. Here it`s ok with physical. Thanks!