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  1. I did play around with the projection types in the lumas this is the closest I can get. I've got a matte texture, clearly, what I need is a bit more feel to it I need the texture to be more visible. What I'm trying to say is that it needs to be similar to the image in the link below : https://drive.google.com/file/d/110hw3vd4A-4pCXQw7d4k7T1IcYWZgQTc/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks Ayush
  2. Pen offset when using Wacom

    Cool, happy to help!
  3. Pen offset when using Wacom

    Maybe this might help...shot in the dark here...Try toggling between the options...
  4. I almost got what I wanted but there's this horizontal directionality that is sorta bugging me. Illustrated in the images below I have also attached my texture settings. From what I've seen, these devices have a very uniform texture without any vertical or horizontal reference for grain direction. And if any light falls on it sorta gets diffused pretty smoothly. I've just read briefly about what @Cerbera said anisotropic reflection model and found a PDF where they easily replicated that effect. How do I go about doing that in cinema? Here is the PDF for reference (Page-3) http://www.irisa.fr/prive/kadi/Lopez/ashikhmin00anisotropic.pdf
  5. I'm gonna play around with this and send the result if it works out...
  6. Hi, As the title already says, is there a way to create a sandblasted aluminum finish inside of cinema? For those who aren't familiar, it's the finish on almost all apple devices like space grey iPhones, MacBooks etc. It feels really great but what is the closest way to replicate this look and the way it interacts with light in Cinema 4D. Also, in general, what would you think this the best way to create a realistic texture maybe using a plug-in or something or maybe just the bare-bones app. Thanks in advance Ayush
  7. No problem, happy to help!
  8. Cinebench works and gives benchmark scores irrespective of which version of Cinema you want to use. It's just a benchmarking app. See MAXON's website for details : https://www.MAXON.net/en/products/cinebench/ So, it's adequate to reference those scores.
  9. Render Slows Down Overnight

    No problem...happy to help! Happy rendering
  10. Render Slows Down Overnight

    Some clarification, how exactly do you check render time per frame during the night without actually using the computer and also what exactly do you mean by 'start using the computer" ? I have a hackintosh and I've not seen this happening. Native power management usually works great for situations like this, I've also seen a lot of times, screen saver may mess up this, you can maybe try a render without the screen saver, just put the display to sleep. Also please check activity monitor or istat menus to see CPU/GPU activity during the render at nighttime. Regards, Ayush
  11. Well what I think happened was that the scale of the project was really messed up...but I made a new one with a real life-like scale and it worked just fine...Here's the result... If you think guys think that that could actually be the problem...please let me know... Cheers!! Tea_light02 (1).compressed.pdf
  12. Crypto donations

    It is doable... But from what I saw on the IPSFocus website, I understand that there is no/very little coding required? Correct me if I'm wrong. If coding is required then I only have experience in web design : CSS, HTML, JS among others.
  13. Crypto donations

    I'm no silent bitcoin millionaire :) ...but is there any other way in which one could help? In terms of development maybe the frontend or anything else that helps the forum? Be happy to help that way! Thanks
  14. GPU advice

    How do AMD cards work for this? I think they are equally good in terms of the Nvidia's but are comparatively cheaper. What do you guys think?
  15. Okay got it guys...thanks so much again...