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  1. Well what I think happened was that the scale of the project was really messed up...but I made a new one with a real life-like scale and it worked just fine...Here's the result... If you think guys think that that could actually be the problem...please let me know... Cheers!! Tea_light02 (1).compressed.pdf
  2. Crypto donations

    It is doable... But from what I saw on the IPSFocus website, I understand that there is no/very little coding required? Correct me if I'm wrong. If coding is required then I only have experience in web design : CSS, HTML, JS among others.
  3. Crypto donations

    I'm no silent bitcoin millionaire :) ...but is there any other way in which one could help? In terms of development maybe the frontend or anything else that helps the forum? Be happy to help that way! Thanks
  4. GPU advice

    How do AMD cards work for this? I think they are equally good in terms of the Nvidia's but are comparatively cheaper. What do you guys think?
  5. Okay got it guys...thanks so much again...
  6. The title speaks for itself...I need to create a realistic way texture. It should look believable. How should i go about doing that? Thanks in advance
  7. HDRI - Stars not seen

    Oh okay I get it...then yes maybe it needs physical. If that doesn't work then you can maybe try to make a new texture and add (shader) a starfield surface in the color channel and adjust it according to your needs... thanks
  8. HDRI - Stars not seen

    I don't see the material added anywhere in the objects section. How did you add it? did you use some plugin like sIBL or something?
  9. Hi, Just an update here, this is what I've managed to get in the reflections still not being able to figure out where that grey stuff is coming into the reflection form as the original file with the model doesn't. Thanks
  10. MAXON Announces Cineware for Illustrator

    Great share. One question though - Is this in any way better than Adobe Dimension (Project Felix)? Of course not talking about the flexibility of cineware here but the ease of use of Dimension is next level actually...wanna know what you guys think.
  11. I don't want to go for remodeling it as it's not just one model but a lot of them where changes will be needed...I'm gonna try using the compositing tag and removing unwanted reflections...Let you know of the result. Thanks
  12. Yes I changed it to 1cm...that's as low as it gets. Any lower than that and it becomes zero. So no luck there. Merry Christmas by the way!
  13. Here's the HDRI. I was using GSG's HDRI Studio Kit by the way. Grey_Studio.exr
  14. I don't have AO on neither am I using physical...here the zip file and I'll add the HDRI I'm using in the next post. See what you can figure out. Thanks tea_light.c4d.zip