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  1. Hi, I apologize for the extremely late reply. I tried reading up about hair caps and didn't find much talking about how to implement them. From what I understood, I directly took all the polygons from the one model that I already have with its hair groomed, and constrain/parent it to the head bone and turn off the polygons in the renderer and just render the hairs. I faced some problem doing this because the moment I delete the polys from the head, that I don't need, and the hair guides change, as shown in the image attached. I didn't really get the surface deformer thing and why I'd need to use that. As for the motion clip, I really don't know how to go about doing that. If you could send me a reference or maybe explain the process a little more elaborately, that'd be great. I also have fur that I need to create and use on multiple different fbx files how do i go about doing the same there? because the hair cap thing won't work as, in that case, the base mesh/ scalp, if you will, doesn't really change. If you need any more information or what files exactly then I'd be happy to send them I apologize again for the late reply, I'll try reply promptly from here on out. Thank you nihonjin
  2. Hi, another question about hair sims in C4D. My basic question is that I have done grooming on a particular model and I want to basically copy that hair and have it attached to the same object but with different animation (and so simulation will be different). I have a .fbx of the second model where I need to add the hair. The polygons/mesh are identical only the animation is different. When I make the exact same selection on my new .fbx model and copy-paste my old hair object and put the new selection tag in the link under guides, it doesn't wanna seem to move with the mesh but stays in one place while the walk/animation goes on beside the hair and the hair being attached to a "ghost scalp" that isn't in that position anymore. Adding a new hair object to that same selection does work and moves with the head but defeats the purpose of copying the groom. Is there anyway I can get it to stick to the head? I'm linking to a video showing the same (apologist for the frantic mouse movements ) https://we.tl/t-KY4u9Knckj Thanks in advance nihonjin
  3. Hi, I tried out caching it again today and works fine. Also, the frame rates were the same I checked. But anyways its working fine. Can't thank you enough for all the help!
  4. Hey, thank you so much for all the help. I'm really doing this stuff for the first time and this helped out so much. Thank You! So on an unrelated question, after caching the simulation, the hair doesn't seem to render the same with the cache and without the cache...I have no clue why thats really happening. Cached.mp4 UnCached.mp4
  5. I changed the scale of the kid to 4 times the previous size and it eliminated like 98% of the jitter. Ive attached another video for you to see. Now I don't really know if/how much of this will show up in the render though BetterSim.mp4
  6. I think this might be the case...because the model I have is about 22cm in height (its supposed to be a 3yr old human kid). So should I keep it's height somewhere between 85-95cms because thats the average height of kids that age, or some other height that makes dynamics work better? Also just scaling object from the attributes tab would do the trick? I've attached the file I have been working on, here : How does this really help? I have attached a screen recording of the file you sent. Theres one hair at the top of that does slowly keep moving till the end of the animation (150 frames), but definitely much less jitter than what i have got till now. hairtest.mp4
  7. Hi, I tried upping the iteration to number of segments (that is what, I assume, you meant by guide points) of the hair guides (5 in my case). It did decrease the amount of "jitter" that was happening in the guides but it's still there. I have attached another screen recording for you to see. Yes currently I wanted to style/groom the hair once it achieved it's "rest state" and by setting it as dynamics in the Hair Edit subhead inside Simulate. I was following this tutorial to do the initial styling. I do want minimal dynamics to act on it once the main character animation is done though. I also increased the rest mix and hold both to 10% and it still jitters. I was reading the MAXON help guide and here's what they say about styling : I tried this as well but it doesn't completely eliminate the "jitter" either. I could try styling it and then turning "Rigid" on in the dynamics tab to see if it jitters after doing that or not. test.mp4
  8. Hi, I have been trying to make this hair simulation of human hair in cinema by selecting polygons of the head where the hairs are supposed to be attached. Everything works fine except the gravity simulation. The hair sorta settles down like it supposed to but keeps vibrating and jittering. I have made the face a collider object so that hair doesn't go inside the scalp. I'm attaching 2 videos showing the simulations when I keep the collision on and when I turn it off. Thanks in advance! Collision-OFF.mp4 Collision-ON.mp4
  9. Hey, I'm really sorry but because it is for a client and I don't currently know when or even if they will release it I can't upload it here...the main issue is mostly resolved as a work-around of not using the connect object so I guess that is what created the problem in the first place. I apologize again if this is strange especially after me asking for help, but I just don't have the complete control over it. I hope you understand.
  10. Hi, I have only one main mesh of the panda inside a connect object which is referenced inside the hair object. I've attached a screenshot of the object manager for hierarchy. I just discovered out that using the "panda" mesh here directly in the hair object works fine and gives the same result as seen in the viewport render. I think there seems to be some problem with using the connect object with the rig here.
  11. The title is almost self-explanatory. I have a scene with hair on a "panda" and when I render it in the viewport, it shows up fine and uniform as it should be. But when I render (and save it) in the picture viewer, it shows up all choppy and not as long in some places as it's supposed to be. Is there something I'm missing here? I've attached both images of the renders in the viewport and the picture viewer. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey, this is actually a very good starting point, It was exactly almost exactly what I was looking for. One small question though, so you do suggest that shaders is the way to go for this kind of a project? Thanks so much @DasFrodo!
  13. Hi, so I was messing around with shaders in C4D and trying to create a fictional planet's surface using only the shaders. I have a couple of questions after my failed attempt at doing this : 1) Using noise I was able to create an atmospheric feel with a dusty feel like Jupiter seen from space. How can I actually create different shapes of land that looks random and generated? Because all I have now is like and ocean with different colors (I can attach images for reference if required) 2) Are shaders the way to go for this kind of thing? I mean this is just a personal project so I don't really know how else to proceed. Seeing how robust shaders are, I thought it might be a good way to go but I can't figure how to make a "surface" and giving it some depth like it usually has on real planets. I'd love to hear any suggestions to change/improve my current approach for this. Thanks in advance!
  14. I see how useful it can be...thanks got your replies... appreciate the help. I guess I gotta add another thing on stuff to learn list
  15. Okay, incoming super noob question : Does using substance designer and other apps made by allegorithmic help make my textures more realistic? And do I get more functionality over the default texture editor on c4d? Please let me know if this is an inappropriate place to ask questions... I'll delete this and start a new post then. Thanks in advance.
  16. Did you try selecting Side as “both” in texture tag properties?
  17. Adding cameras to the scene can give you a whole host of features that would not be otherwise available just by the default camera, like control of optical zoom (in mm), depth of field with physical renderer, lens flares, and much more. I encourage you to see C4D documentation or the help section within the app itself. In what way do you mean higher quality? It is just a more versatile way to set up your scenes and gives you more control of whats on the screen. render output is controlled from the render settings most of the times. It could possibly provide more realism to your renders if you know how to apply it properly and use what looks best.
  18. Oh yes GI might help things as well. It should work with C4D prime because it's just a library but you can also look at images of studios that they have up on their website to see how they light their scenes, of course if you don't want to buy it. IMO, they're a set of really great lights and studios...they look amazing. You should check them out.
  19. Hey, I'm cannot access my c4d machine right now so I'm not able to see nay of the files sent here but from the original image you sent here, I would say that you're off to a great start. Using a cyc may improve reflections of light instead of an infinite plane I think you're using right now. Also, changing the camera angle to something a bit from the top might improve the look as well. Try adding a very light greenish tint to the fill light it'll give a nice accent to the image promoting the color of the object. (Do not do this if you don't want to ruin the white bg). Also, I'd suggest having a look at some gsg studios you can make one on your own but there a great source of knowledge of how to go about lighting your scene: https://greyscalegorilla.com/downloads/light-kit-pro/ You could also experiment with a reflectance on the floor depending on your needs. To end it, I'd say export a tif to PS where you can do your compositing to make it look awesome. I apologise if this wasn't extremely helpful but I just told you what I think could be improved. Maybe I'll pitch up a render once I'm home. Edit: You could also try to put the box in a particular (tilted) position as one would do in real product photography.
  20. nihonjin

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year from India! NYE_1.mp4
  21. I tried @3DKiwi's method, worked pretty well considering it is a very simple way of doing this, I haven't tried @Fastbee's way, it does seem like a different way to do it...I don't know it seems the former is easier cause I'm just not very good with deformers :P, but that's just me...gonna try it though once I'm at my workstation.
  22. Yes, it is interesting I just realized that checking it out myself in C4D. I have a question about the file you sent here, how did you manage to do these extrudes and they show up in the object manager? Also what modeling tools did you use specifically, the plane knife and bevel and extrude or what? :)
  23. There are multiple ways to do this. The easiest and most common way of doing this is using a text spline with extrude and in the spline settings, change the 'cap' and add fillet cap to the from part with low sub-division maybe with a concave setting. There are multiple tutorials even in YouTube I think, you can see those.
  24. Thank you for your replies @Fastbee and @natevplas I totally appreciate the criticism thank you for being so honest :). This is really interesting...gotta try it out. My actual plan was to use an individual camera, up top but i thought it wouldn't be enough to make a fully 360 sphere of video...I'm not really a pro at this ...on a serious note, now that I think about it this does look very silly now...but I really thank you for your honesty, because whoever I asked about this said...it looks great...they probably thought I'm a kid...that sorta doesn't help anyway. I'm probably gonna revisit this project and revamp it fully...probably change it fully... Thank again for you input!
  25. These are some Concept renders for a drone that shoots 360 video for VR and if a first of it's kind. I created these a while ago but haven't really received truthful feedback and TBH, I haven't been asking for it. There also this small video I made for showcasing the product. I know these are pretty crude right now...but any constructive criticism is welcome so that next time I can take my drone game to the next level! Thank you in advance.
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