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  1. ok, good to know. thanks very much for your reply
  2. Hi, i'm also trying to create a bouncy ponytail. is this still the best solution? did you find anything not mentioned in Dan's video? thanks
  3. thanks for that link. have you found a more updated tutorial?
  4. Does PIM generate a rig with controllers, like the Mixamo Control Rig in R21? i really like the mixamo rig but it doesn't seem to include foot roll and i can't find proper documention to understand all the controls. many of the controls are not intuitively named and when i move the sliders, nothing happens. thanks.
  5. not yet. did you try Dan's instructions above? bookmark this. New Tech Tutorials: I'll be posting a tutorial soon that will make all of this much much easier i have an idea for a workaround: add the rig to an animation, add 20 frames before the animation, and then simply keyframe a t pose for it. then possibly create a motion clip of that new t pose (?) so you can blend them. would that work, you think?
  6. i will remember this! i couldn't reply to another one of your answers (MODIFY ANCHOR POINT OF A JOINT). i noticed that my mixamo rig hips is off center and it was driving me nuts. your solution and steps did the trick and got me unstuck, so thank you!
  7. Brilliant! i'm working on a walk cycle and i need to switch between left and right poses. this is perfect. thanks so much!
  8. How can I disable the Bendy Limbs on a Mixamo Control Rig? thanks.
  9. for me, Saving Weights from one character and then Loading them (via weight manager, like you suggested) into an updated version (same point count) worked perfectly. thank you!
  10. hmmm!...ok, that sounds really promising. thank you
  11. hey, thanks for the reply. i just like the idea of having it driven by dynamics, but i think you're right. i'll try animating by hand. seems pretty straight forward. on another note, do you know a way to add facial rigging to a mixamo rig? i have a workaround which involves attaching another head (with pose morphs) and hiding the original head. it works but obviously, it's not very elegant. is it possible to un-bind, add the joints / point clusters / controllers and then re-bind the whole thing? thanks, again!
  12. ah! ok, i will check out the link. i had no idea i posted in introductions. thanks
  13. sure. can you explain what i did wrong please? it's my first post.
  14. Is there a way to animate a character Hula Hooping? i can animate the character but i have no idea how to add the hula hoop and have it collide and be driven by the character's motion. thanks
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